What’s that cliche line again?

What goes up, must come down.


You had one job.

My trajectory in the horse world was on a firm up since Evie had come back to NSW with me.

Lessons, training days, competitions – it was heaven.

After our showjumping success I thought it would be a good idea to give the princess a rest whilst waiting for her special order shoes to arrive and her feet be done.

Unfortunately, when you live in rural NSW things don’t always arrive in the most timely of manners.

The arrived eventually and her feet were done but sadly she had some bruising on her sole which the new farrier thought would take about  a week to come good, and I needed to keep an eye on it.

Damn it.

So my original plan of one week turned into almost three before she looked comfortable and riding ready.

I went out with all my gear and was basically dancing I was so ready to get back into the saddle.



All was well…

For about 5 seconds. It would seem the hippo was a bit angry – very unlike her but she had just come in from a few weeks off she was probably fresh. So I told her to get over it and we ended up with some very nice work.

The next day we didn’t even get 5 seconds. Something was definitely irritating her and when I investigated the saddle it looked like the wither clearance just wasn’t cutting it anymore. So the whole “ride my horse” plan was scrapped and I had to hunt down a fitter and hope that it could be adjusted.

Turns out fitting a hippo with a narrow wither is not easy.

So I am still playing the waiting game as I only have the one saddle (currently in the market for a dressage saddle if anyone wants to help a sister out -only problem is it must be high-withered-hippo appropriate).

I would like to say Evie is upset about it but I think she may be secretly pleased.


Sorry, did I say secretly?

That being said this break has given me the chance to enjoy just playing with her on the ground and sorting out things like dental appointments and injections from the vet. It is looking like just one more week hopefully and then we can work on getting back on track.

So with not much to report, enjoy this picture of Evie trying to drown me.


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  1. It is frustrating. But…i had a horse off with an injury for several weeks and spent a lot of time hand grazing him. We learned a lot about each other on those days. I hope your saddle issue will have a solution soon.

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    1. Very frustrating! But priority is ensuring she is comfortable rather than push her along in a poorly fitting saddle and end up with one or both of us even more hurt.

      Some days it’s nice to just give her a brush while she eats (especially as it is freezing here right now).

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  2. Hey girl! Are you looking to buy a new saddle or second hand? I recently did the whole new dressage saddle shopping thing so happy to share what I learnt if you want? I ended up with an Equipe Emporio that both Sadie and I looove. Definitely recommend it. I can bring mine out for you to try one day if you haven’t tried one already 🙂


    1. I don’t mind what it is as long as she’s happy in it!

      Would love an Equipe but that is well over budget for me right now sadly! Thank you for the offer though.

      I think the fitter from Brighton saddlery is coming through soon so might try and sort a demo out


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