Unfortunately for me, things continue to be on hiatus with my riding as Evie required a blind wolf tooth to be removed and now has a lovely hole in her gum which needs healing.



Tedious for me, but incredibly necessary.

Sadly this has left me a little bored, and with a lack of things to write about on that front.

What else do I have you say?

Well, now let us see….

How about some Pepper?


So much sass in such a little body

My spicy little girl is 6 months old now and about to be weaned. She is by the Australian super sire Contenda out of a Brilliant Invader x Souvenir thoroughbred mare (unraced, all performance breeding).

I will be honest when I say that I was secretly hoping for a bay (nope) colt (also nope). At the end of the day I knew I would be happy with sound and healthy.


We got the sound and healthy part down pat though. Also big.

My track record with chestnuts has been poor to say the least, however I do love a good mare. The problem is finding one.

Chestnut one = personality clash

Chestnut two = crippling soundness problems

Needless to say, she has me absolutely wrapped around her little finger and I cannot wait until she is old enough for me to bring her up from the farm in Victoria.


Who could resist this face?

I am hoping to get all groundwork and manners consolidated long before she is broken in, potentially even doing a few in hand shows if she doesn’t get hit with a case of the fuglies.


Seems unlikely but I am slightly biased.

She is looking like she may end up being rather large. I am guessing somewhere in the region of 16.2+ hands but I am yet to “string test” her. At any rate she is has far surpassed the German Riding Pony born a month before her and her knees are quite big.

Hoping to get home and see her soon for some more cuddles – she loves her scratchies and I miss her terribly.


Until next time (and hopefully with a more exciting bit of news),

Ella and Pep xx

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    1. That she is! Absolutely loves her people and so far has been an incredible pleasure to work with.


  1. Gorgeous little filly!

    Hope that wound from the wolf tooth heals soon. When I had them pulled on my 3 year old, I just did some easy lunging with a cavesson, no bit, and some hand walking for 3 days and she was good to go.


    1. I was given the go ahead to ride again from last weekend but I am saddleless at the moment. Just lunging for us until (hopefully) Monday


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