It has been a long two months BUT guess who’s saddle is finally back and appropriately fitted?

That’s right, it’s me.

Now guess who’s horse’s mouth is healed following the tooth extraction?

Ding, ding, ding! Right again!

Needless to say I was overjoyed by all of this. Slightly less overjoyed by the prospect of bringing a spelling horse back into work. A spelling horse with a tendency to be slightly cold backed. Ho hum.

Honestly? Not one of my preferred things.

We spent a week doing some light lunging because, let’s face it, my horse is half hippo and day one had me standing there praying for the cray cray to pass quickly as she was, well…. exuberant.

Eh, what are you going to do?

Upside of riding a hippo – stamina is not their strong point, and after a good five minutes she was back to normal with the rest of the week showing little change, so when Friday came around it was time to get back on board.

I am proud to announce that ride one was foot perfect and she felt great!

Ride two saw the return of her sass but, mare, so, you know. Normal.

For a horse that I am fairly sure believed herself to be retired, overall she handled it pretty well. That being said, if she was a person I think she would suffer from “Resting Angry Face”, so it is kind of hard to tell.


I suffer from it too. It is why we work so well together.

With the first day of Spring today, it is so nice to see this view again and I cannot wait for the weather to warm up.


The best view in the world

Now it is just time to start mapping our goals and getting the competition calendar in order. Still on the hunt for a dressage saddle so hit me with suggestions if you have any!

Ella and Evie xx

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