The big bear is back in work and going well.


WE tv sassy fierce hairflip weave GIF
Evie likes to remind me she get’s a say too.

I would love to say every ride has been foot perfect but then I would be lying, and half of the reason I started this blog is because I was a smidge fed up with social media and the portrait of perfection it paints.

95% of the time, our rides are great. She is a beautiful horse, and she can move the house down. But she is also stubborn.

My conclusion?


Why you no stay like this?

But c’est la vie! I will take it over having no horse at all.

The big bear is also looking a bit porky pie coming into Spring, which is a touch worrying so I thought it would be a good idea to try and get the fitness levels up.

She loved it. But, boy is she fat.

IMG_0202.JPGAnd slightly guilty looking.

With the weather finally warming up I am super keen to get back out and ride as much as possible. Bring on daylight savings!

I do not deal well with the cold

We are booked in for a 2 day jumping and cross country clinic in October (thank the lord, I am actually getting back onto the cross country course!) and we have sadly missed the chance to do Albury HT due to personal reasons as we just won’t have enough time to prep. But you get that sometimes.

On the upside, I bought a dressage saddle. I am now the proud owner of a Keiffer Wein DL Professional!

21616437_1093054950828699_8233805083809021779_n.jpgI may be drooling a little bit – don’t look at me like that.

Fitting and everything going well this means Evie and I will probably head off to the Leeton Dressage Day in October as well. Things are looking good friends.

Pepper also wanted to say hi, apparently my mother had me on loud speaker in the stables and upon hearing my voice Pep decided to stick her head in and give this face.


Guys, I think she is mad I haven’t visited lately.

It may be a good idea to head south soon and try to cheer her up.

Until next time,

Ella and Evie (and Pep) xx


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