Thanks to exams and deadlines for literature reviews I made myself take a vow of abstinence from riding until it was all over.

100% focus required to get through Statistics.

To his credit, I don’t think Bumper has ever loved me more.

A 2 week break and all the nummies with none of the work?

B likes.

He earned a break after this, I guess.


This makes blogging material fairly thin on the ground, but after reading this blog post over at May As Well Event, it got me thinking about the things I want, and the things I need (which are just things I want really badly).


It’s a long list. Brace yourself.


Things I want:



Yes, the title is in caps because who has the time to write out all that.
Copy & paste for the win


I like anatomical bridles, and I think investing in things like a nice bridle are so worth it.

But at this point, Bumper just goes in a plain cavasson and as much as he needs a new bridle I don’t know if there’s any point getting one with a flash on it or if I am better off sticking with a traditional bridle (albeit a better fitting one).

Le sigh.


Dressage Style Breastplate (RRP of pictured is $159.95)


I’m going to blame Emma over at ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing for this one.

Ever since I saw the gorgeous one she picked up from Eponia at Kentucky in this blog post, I have desperately wanted one.

Not just because of the “look” but because I have a fine line to tip toe with Bumper between stopping his saddle from sliding back and over tightening his girth.

Ya boy is sensitive, know what I mean?

I actually like Emma’s one better than the one pictured because a) fluffy but removable which is important to me, and b) it attaches to the D’s as well.

I like my points of contact.

Don’t think I have ever seen Eponia in Australia before though, so tears for me.

Once I knock over a few other purchases though, this baby will be going from the “want” list to the “need” list.


KEP Helmet (RRP 1 kidney and half a liver)


I want a KEP helmet. But I don’t.

I think I like *the idea* of the KEP helmet and the prestige that comes with having $700+ to spend on something that will most likely require replacing  after you inevitably fall off in it at your first competition.

I can’t afford a $700+ helmet, let alone another $700+ helmet post fall.

I don’t even think they look any good on my head (better than a Samshield, though).

I don’t even like the super over the top ones that sell for $1,000+, like… stop it. No one needs that. Not to mention the whole fall debacle that happened a few years ago covered brilliantly by Amanda from the $900 Facebook Pony here.

I don’t even really want it, I think I just want to feel included.


THINGS I NEED (sort of):

White Competition Pad (RRP of pictured $150 approx.)


I have been playing around with the Mattes configurator (obviously) and would love to get something like this.

It is a bit pricy, but I figure if I am only using it for competitions and look after it well, it’ll have a good shelf life.

Hopefully I can get it for my birthday (it was technically in March, but my parents still haven’t got me anything – fingers crossed?)


Sheepskin Dressage Girth (RRP $230 from Mattes)

Fairfax natural.jpg

Alright, I know sheepskin is featuring heavily in here, but home boy is sensitive!

I currently have the worst girth ever for him right now on his dressage saddle, but when I tried to change it to – I dunno – an actual girth he gave me the WORST RIDE EVER.


No sheepskin.

He doesn’t love the long points (racing thing maybe?), and because the other girth was so crappy I put a sheepskin sleeve over it.

The super annoying this was I ordered one in the Boxing Day Sales through a Mattes retailer at a really great price only to cancel my order when IT STILL HAD NOT ARRIVED BY MAY.

Super frustrating.



Spooks – $230

So I currently have 5 pairs of breeches after doing a big cleanse. 5 sounds like a lot, right?


Well… that’s 5 including my two white breeches for competing.

So 3.

Still not bad?

Nope, 1 pair needs to be thrown out thanks to a nice big crotch hole.


I have 2 every day pairs of breeches.

One small problem though – I am super fussy!



Some winter weight navy breeches from Black Horse Clothing, on sale for $99. It would be rude not to?

I LOVE my Spooks breeches because they fit perfectly and are so comfortable. They also retail at $230 each. Worth it? Yes.

Gotta wait for a sale though.

My current 2 pairs are dark grey, and black, so I am going to try and get a navy, denim or taupe pair (or all 3 at some point, let’s be real).


Aztec Diamond – RRP $169 approx. before postage which is a killer because they won’t supply to Australian stores

My struggle is trying to find ones that fit my legs without being super gappy around the waist. I pack junk in my trunk and my waist does not seem to fit with that according to clothes manufacturers.

and finally…


A Bridle:

I have no idea which one, where from or what kind but the one he has now is giving me the absolute s%*^s.

The diamante in the browband is starting to hang down on the left side. Apart from the general messiness of it, it keeps getting caught in his luscious forelock and rips hair out when I take it off him.

Could I fix this with glue? Yes, but it was also always meant to be a training bridle and has copped a lot of abuse since I bought it in 2015 and the bloody noseband never sits right on his face.

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A post shared by Eventer In Progress ( on

Look at that! It always twists to the left.



No matter how many times you straighten it, it will twist right back around.

Over it.

Need another one.

I also need to punch some more holes in my belt but shhhhh!


I have no idea what kind would suit him, and given I would like to get one for work and one for comps I am open to suggestion and would LOVE to hear what you guys would recommend for both!


What are you eyeing off at the moment?

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  1. i’m pretty sure i need denim breeches in my life. at some point. also fwiw i’m very happy with my breast plate purchase. obvi i like the eponia a lot, but nunn finer also has a perfectly nice option as well (tho the neck strap is sold separately, oddly). and i have found that it resolved the saddle issues i was experiencing. so two thumbs up for that style!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I need a new helmet for everyday riding. I have not started to shop or even look yet. But i want one that has good ventialtion. Bridle? I have a Shockemoeller ( spelling??) double bridle. It is anatomical and padded and I love it. It also has a nice blingy v shape browband that looks terrific on Biasini.

    Liked by 1 person

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