Just a short post for those wondering how B is progressing.

Mostly, he is doing well, but we’ve got a bit of a two step forward and one step back situation happening.



Not this well, but like, well enough


A second vet appointment showed the hematoma was decreasing. We were able to touch that area much more successfully than before, and with far less histrionics.

Some chiro work was able to be done this time too, which was a big bonus as last time we had about a snowball’s chance in hell of convincing him that was a good idea.


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When you hit that scratchy spot 👌🏻

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You get this face, but bitier.


There’s a bit more lateral bend through the spine now, and the rehab work is increasing.

The first two weeks was hand walking on the flat, gradually introducing hills and generally for no more than 10-15 minutes. Usually, I let him tell me when it was time. As a very expressive horse, he was more than glad to do so.

These next two weeks we are now able to start incorporating walking over poles, walking in the arena sand and asking for some yielding of the hindquarters in addition to our normal stretches.


Right now, I feel a bit stuck with where B is at mentally.




On the one hand, he IS young and this stuff is hard for him.

Or maybe he’s just a brat now – hard to tell.

On the other hand, I will not accept shenanigans that are disrespectful, and he is toeing that line.



B, when I tell him that “horse kite” is not the aim of the game


My biggest problem is, I don’t know which horse I am going to get on any day. Sunday, he was perfection personified and we did pole work up in the training area which involved walking past many a horse galloping in their paddocks.

He didn’t care, and I was stoked.

Two days later, I couldn’t even walking him 10 meters from his paddock without him going full breeding season stallion on me. Why? Couldn’t tell you.



Well, colour it bay and call it Bumper. This looks familiar.


Spring is here I guess.

Except, wait…

He doesn’t have his boy bits.

These shenanigans are not appreciated.

And are very frustrating.

And I am getting very frustrated by trying not to get frustrated but it isn’t working and that is frustrating.



Not giving up on you yet, buddy.


The next day – wonderful again and no issues walking around.

Perhaps on the Monday when we stayed in the paddock to do stretches I overdid it? I don’t know. Time to throw myself down the rabbit hole of over analysis.

At this point I am feeling resigned to rolling with the punches and hoping it sorts itself out, because it’s gotta get done.



Throwback to a time when “fun” was more than just not having to wrangle a horse kite.


Am I having fun yet? I’ll have to let you know on a day by day basis.

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  1. You’ll get there! Green horses are funny. They’ll be great, then terrible. You’ll kind of hate them a bit, and then one day, you will realized that you have really enjoyed this horse for the past month. Just give it time and consistency. He’ll come around.

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      1. Its most likely just his perception of over stimulation. Horses have off days and their thresholds (especially as babies) can vary from day to day. Just ask Megan over at AEnterSpooking! TC put her through the ringer for years before he started to level out.

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