I Have Issues

Am I riding again yet?


Is that a surprise?

Also no.

Am I spending money on riding gear?





You can ask me why, but you will not get an answer that is either

a) satisfying

b) logical

So just don’t. Please.

Prior to B going out to rehab I was (and have been for a while) short on riding gear. I’m talking like two pairs of breeches short on the riding gear.



This was my first sit on Bumper a year ago (13 December 2017).
Fun fact, I had a massive hole in the crotch of these breeches.


Not riding has made me (apparently) decide it is time to address this oversight.

B has a full on wardrobe, why can’t I have nice things?



For the record, I was cleaning them all so I could sell them.


But I have gone too far now and I cannot stop buying nice things and it has become a problem.

Equitana was on, and the Black Horse Coolmax Silicone breeches were on sale for $79. I had to have them. But I wasn’t at Equitana. What does a girl do?



I got them in navy


A girl makes her housemate who is at Equitana go buy them on her behalf after trying them on for size to discuss fitting notes.

Shortly after this, the Black Friday Sales were on. This isn’t really a *thing* in Australia because, you know, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Just recently, the sales associated with Black Friday have very much become a thing.

A thing I am more than happy to take full advantage of.

And I did, because Aztec Diamond had  a sale, and in all the years I have lurked on their website they have never had a sale this big.




I had a black out and woke up with these being shipped to me.

I said I was done for 2018, I really couldn’t/shouldn’t be buying any more stuff right before Christmas.

And yet…


I have wanted a jumper like this for years.

It’s the middle of an Australian Summer and I bought a damn jumper.


Alright, that is it I am done.


Someone tell me what to buy next.

Tell me what you have bought lately or are going to buy!


15 Comments Add yours

  1. Ha!! I think downtime from riding is more dangerous than when the horse is ready to work.

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  2. I, too, have very few pairs of breeches. I need more but I hate spending money on them. I love shopping for them, but I have a really hard time actually purchasing them!

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    1. I have a hard time if it’s full price. As soon as there’s a sale it’s like i can’t spend money fast enough


      1. I tend to be the same way. It’s like I’m really good at not spending, then I buy one thing on sale and the floodgates open haha.

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  3. emma says:

    aww haha there ain’t nothin wrong with a little retail therapy 😉 i actually secretly kinda really want a pair of denim breeches, but the aztec diamond pants don’t fit me AT ALL lol

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    1. That’s a shame. These fit me better than a lot of breeches because of the waist. I have a little waist and big hips so usually trying to accommodate that leaves the breeches gapping about.

      Have you guys got Spooks in the US? They have lovely breeches (including denim ones)


  4. sscribner07 says:

    Love this! I actually have not had a pair of riding britches since I was a kid and then my friend donated two pairs and some paddock boots to me.

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    1. What do you ride in?? 😱


      1. sscribner07 says:

        Now my one pair of gray breeches (I am afraid to use the light tan in case I find myself at a show or something fancy. Before I rode in yoga pants from walmart and cheap combat boots with half chaps to protect the saddle from the inside zipper.

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      2. sscribner07 says:

        The pants dont have the inner leg suede so it was a good challenge to increase my leg stability. I still struggle stabilizing and keeping the left leg still

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  5. KC Scott says:

    Bahhahaha I just went on a spending spree- new boots, girth, stirrups, leathers, etc….all to w/t around an arena for 30 minutes/day. So zero judgement here. You never know when those sales will come around again (at least that’s what I tell myself).

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  6. I bought new winter blankets for all my girls…no regrets 🙂

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  7. L. Williams says:

    I feel like I never buy riding stuff when I don’t have a horse (and you know have the budget to go splurge on great riding stuff) and then I’m always in a mad dash to fill the closet once I do have a horse (and then my budget gets tight and it makes me anxious!)

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  8. nadsnovik says:

    ha ha ha. Sales are too hard to resist!


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