So, as we have previously covered, I have an addiction to buying horse things.

Of all varieties really.

You can read about it here, here and here.




I’m not sure if I just hate myself and enjoy ruining all attempts at budgeting or I have a split personality.

Why on Earth would Christmas be any exception?


***Spoiler Alert***

It wasn’t.


My family is sick of buying me horse stuff, but I was able to get around this as I have a new job.

Luckily my new job is working in the equine academic field and therefore buying horse clothing that can double as work clothing meant they were willing to get me things for “work”.

We hit the boxing day sales to get my “work” clothing and I left with these beautiful items:




I won’t lie to you. This is probably my favorite purchase of the whole lot.

I have been wanting this for years. It was on sale. Still more than I would ever pay for anything but 0 REGRETS. This was a Christmas present from me to me.

Couldn’t help myself.



Pink isn’t usually something I go for, but it’s a small amount and I actually quite like it.


Maybe when it stops being hotter than Satan’s boy bits I can actually wear it.

It also has THUMBHOLES!

These are exciting times we are living in.




So, the place we went shopping had the most amazing range (it just so happens it’s in Western Australia, hence why I haven’t been able to get there before) and their Boxing Day Sale was boss. The clearance area was massive and included the big brands like Animo, Equiline, Spooks, Equestrian Stockholm etc. and it was all heavily discounted. 30% from recollection. But if you bought 3 clearance items you got ANOTHER discount of 20%.

They got me good.

I was having a devil of a time finding the third thing when I found this belt. And I love it. Plus it’s navy. You know how that does things to me.




I was able to sneak a saddle pad in there with all the “work” clothes.

I got it for half the price it normally retails for and as I have stated in one of my earlier “oops I bought some stuff” and “here’s a list of things I want to buy” posts, my old dressage competition pad needed retiring.

It was an opportunity too good to pass up. So I didn’t.


It would be great if I could, you know, use it one day.



So I am not sure if anyone’s noticed but I have a thing for saddle pads. I didn’t buy this at Christmas, I actually bought it yesterday so it’s a last minute addition to my millionth “help me I can’t stop buying stuff post”


I have been after the ES Emerald since it’s original release.

So years.

I have been after this for years.

However the initial release was small and I didn’t find them until they were all sold out. Cue waiting for their second release due to popular demand.

I waitlisted for this bad boy for 9 months only to find out the people I had listed through – never got their order.

I had some chances to buy it elsewhere but #poorpersonlyfe and spending that much at that time was just not happening.

BUT NEW JOB MEANS NEW THINGS RIGHT? And I managed to find myself probably one of the last one’s around here (it’s coming from the UK, that was the level I was at).

Regardless, no regrets.

I opted to get the navy bandages over the emerald ones to match the binding, as I felt it would be just *too much* otherwise.

I also did not get any bonnets, I think I would rather go custom (and have wanted one like KC’s with the message on the ears since I saw them) for the price and overall plainness of them.


The REALLY BIG purchase came last week though, and it looks like this:



I bought a car!

Sadly, my old car had done his dash (he was almost 25 years old) and I just couldn’t justify the amount of maintenance for how much anxiety it caused me to do simple things like… tow my horse float.

Considering that was the reason I HAD a car of that size, it wasn’t ideal.

This one’s a manual which is taking time to adjust to, and therefore won’t be towing with it just yet, but oh wait.

Horse is broken.

Looks like I have time!

And crippling debt!


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  1. One day you’ll look back and be like “remember when manual was tough for me?” It may take a bit, but I totally remember just one day finding it so fun and easy after lots of struggling. My poor first manual car… lol
    I LOVE that dressage saddle pad. Very classy! And the coat is beautiful. I do love a good coat!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i like that jacket a lot!! such a pretty color! congrats on the new truck too! that’s something i’m kinda trying to pretend i won’t need sometime in the not so distant future….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I tried for so long to not think about a car upgrade but I couldn’t put it off much longer when my car was unable to be driven at night time (headlights weren’t working) and had more lights on the dashboard than a christmas tree. It was fixable but I would have been paying more than the car was worth so I had to bite the bullet and replace it.


  3. All wonderful stuff! Congrats on the gifts from me to me lol. They’re lovely! I DESPERATELY want that PS of Sweden Citadel browband, pad and wraps collection…. because you know the horse is forever retired and probably not going to do English again but it’s SO PRETTY and god I can’t spend that money right now haha. I’m going to live vicariously through you in that respect LOL.
    And congrats on the car! I love my diesel, but if I ever get a car to drive around the city it’s going to be a manual. It’s practically the best 21st century anti-theft car you can have cause people who can drive manuals are few and far between now LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Technically just the jacket was a gift from me to me.

      The car was an unfortunate necessity as my last car was dying slowly and painfully and the ES Emerald was a “congratulations on my new job” gift, albeit, also from me to me haha.

      I really have to curb my spending now though and get serious about saving *I say whilst looking for a new breastplate*

      Liked by 1 person

    2. So you’re probably not in Australia and maybe not even wanting the Citadel pad anymore, but Horse Fashions Australia is having a flash sale on the Citadel pad and wraps which means you can get the set for $169 with the code PSLOVE20, which would be even less in US dollars I would imagine given the exchange rate?

      I am not affiliated with them at all, but when I saw the sale I remembered someone said they want it and I love to aid and abet.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Look at all the things! And your new ride is aaahhhh-mazing! And that jacket….swoon. Thumbholes are a def selling point for me too 🙂

    If the Bonnet Fits is where I get all mine and they are soooo perfect! I have 3 from her, 1 is 3 years old and sees near-daily use and it STILL looks amazing. 10/10 recommend.

    When you get out of debt 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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