For a few weeks.

No need to panic!



I’m not panicking, you’re panicking

On Saturday I finally loaded B onto the float and started the ~5 hour journey back home so he could have his little vacation/spell/pony fun time.

One thing I will never take for granted with this horse is what a wonderful floater he is. He loads easily, he stands quietly and he never complains when you’re going.

I was excited to get him off the float and into a paddock so he could meet everyone. His arrival caused quite the ruckus, as the horses on property almost never have an intruder come in.



“Why are we running? Ooh food.”

Also, and I may be a bit biased here, it’s a property full of girls (and 1 year old Monte), so the handsome young boy would set some hearts aflutter – naturally.



Why are you making this face at me? Stop. Plez.


He spent the first night in the small single paddock so they could meet over the fence lines before being integrated into the big paddock with Pepper and her mother Brilliance.



See ya.


All the space was apparently quite confusing, because after tearing around the joint he then stood at the fence line calling for me to let him back in.



No, wait. You’re back.




Go eat… or something. I dunno.



Not happy with me trying to leave


We stopped by the most beautiful property where my friend runs her riding business from so we could catch up before heading back to NSW in another ~5 hour trip.



The pizza and cidery tavern next door was also a highlight.


Waking up this morning was probably the weirdest sensation of all though. For the first time in 2+ years I have no horse to go feed.

Or pat.

Or cuddle.



Ok. Please come home now.


I got to work early and I just kind of feel a bit flat. I mean, I knew I would miss him but I wasn’t expecting it to be immediate. I thought I would enjoy the small break.

Guess not?

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