Every year at the National Equestrian Centre in Werribee, VIC DJWTS gets held, and honestly, it is one of my most favorite events to go watch though I rarely get the chance.



Not the case this year!


The event is part showcase for elite jumping and dressage horses but also the top young horse class of the year.

A top level dressage and jumping person come over each year to judge and give masterclasses too.

You have your young dressage horses (4, 5, 6 & 7yo) who then go on to battle for Champion of Champions, and the same again in the jumping classes.

There are also Young Event Horse classes held on the Thursday (4 & 5yos, 6 & 7yos).

It gives us a look into the up and coming mares, stallions and geldings through performance and breeding.


ezgif.com-crop (2).gif

7 year old jumping class

Add into the mix a wonderful trade village and you have everything I could ever want (except for the event horse classes to be run on the Saturday so I could watch).

My main reason for going, however, is that my best friend was accepted into the 6 year old dressage horse class with the mare she broke in and has trained herself.



Having been there the first time she sat on this horse to a few years later duking it out against some of our country’s best horses and riders… I don’t think there will ever be words to express how proud I am of her and Fleur.

Friday was not their day, with Fleur throwing in some enthusiastic albeit unnecessary changes – but they came back on the Saturday with a vengeance and did a beautiful test to win the consolation round!



The greatest challenge of the weekend was easily trying to take a nice photo


I also managed to avoid completely losing my mind and going nuts at the trade stalls with only one purchase:

PEI Joppolo Stirrups


I have been on the hunt for some new stirrups for a while, as I have heard the wider foot tread can help with joint pain – something I have issues with due to dysplasia in my hips.

I opted for black because I am #boring and will definitely be reviewing them if/when I ever get back to riding.

There are some things I do know for certain, though.

  1. I miss my horse terribly
  2. I miss riding terribly
  3. I miss competing terribly

and lastly;

I could not be prouder or happier for my best friend, and this is only the start of even more wonderful things because she deserves all of it!

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  1. what a cool event, and major congrats to your friend – i’d love to attend something like that too! hopefully soon enough you’ll be able to enjoy your new stirrups with your own pony too 🙂

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  2. Black stirrups are always practical but I’m a dressage rider so…. Anyway..you will get back to riding and to competing. If Tiger Woods can get back and win the Masters you can get back to riding and competing.


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