Another perk of going home to watch DJWTS (apart from supporting Caitlin) was that I got to see my number one man!



One day I will look at this horse and not despair at his weight.
I will also never look at this horse, and not find him beautiful.


I also got to see my number one Pepper/land whale.



No weight issues here


Summer coats are officially blowing out to make way for winter ones (bleh) and everyone is at peak itchiness.

Liz (my friend who came down to watch the event with me) made herself a new friend for life when she discovered the key to Pep’s heart.


But not just any scritches…



Boobie scritches


I don’t know what to tell you. This was news to us all.

Before travelling back North on the Sunday, Liz and I went to spend the day with Caitlin (and drop Bumper off to her – she kindly runs his appointments for me and then delivers him back home while I am away).

The property she is based out if is just bananas it is so beautiful.



Outdoor arena


Indoor arena


All of this backs on to a beautiful national park which you can ride through (just visible outside the indoor above).

It’s also next door to an amazing wood fire pizza and cidery tavern. Lunch was naturally on the agenda pre-road trip, so whilst she taught a lesson first I took the opportunity to bathe my creature from the black lagoon.





Shock and/or betrayal?


Naturally this work was all promptly destroyed 5 minutes later with a roll but, c’est la vie.





By the time I came back to watch the end of the lesson I noticed Caitlin’s dog Rory had taken it upon herself to supervise.


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Is this the best spot possible?

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Apparently so.


The day was topped off with great food and better drinks next door, with many laughs and much reminiscing about the days we all lived together.

A weekend like this was long overdue, and I am very grateful we got to have it. Life is so much easier with good friends.

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