If you have read my blog for some time you would know:

I have issues

And if you’re new to my blog, then I have some news for you:

I REALLY have issues




But what are these issues?

They mainly revolve around my love of buying things for my horse or riding etc.

Now this doesn’t seem like such a big issue does it? Until you contemplate the fact that my horse hasn’t been rideable for more than 6 months. Probably 9 if we are being real.




Yet here I am. Spending my money. On horse riding things. Yet I am horseless.

As I said. Issues.



I don’t know what to say, really.


In the last iteration of tracking my uncontrollable spending I had just bought some new PEI stirrups. Which I need right? As when I do actually ride, my hip dysplasia can sometimes cause quite bad pain in my hips and/or knees.

I have heard good things about these stirrups helping this issue so… yeah.


To be fair, during this period I have also sold a lot of other less necessary horse things.

And then replaced them with newer horse things.




For example, after selling my dressage saddle I realised that when Bumper comes back into work I would only have my jump saddle. And my jump saddle only had 1 saddle blanket shaped for it. I had two others which were competition only.

Quite frankly, this was unacceptable.

So naturally during the Easter sales I had to pick up more “work” pads.

Enter stage left:



Because navy is the ultimate everything colour


And enter stage right:


CC square grey cotton LR.jpg

Because I have really gone off bright colours and black was sold out


Of course this was after I had just won one of those “nobody ever wins” Facebook competitions and got a $200 voucher to Hufglocken, who stock Mattes pads. I’ve always wanted a white Mattes pad for competition but after buying the white Equestrian Stockholm pad at Christmas I thought maybe I would get myself some nice dressage work pads.

I custom designed and ended up with these two, and it only cost me $9! Woo, Facebook!



Navy and white. See comment above about navy being life



And some black/gold/champagne action to match the black Hufglocken boots I already own. Issues.


So to be real, I finally feel like I am at a point where I have enough “stuff”. Enough riding clothes, enough saddle blankets. Enough.

Pick your jaws up.

I know.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still some things I am looking at upgrading, like my helmet and breastplate etc. but that will all come in time.

There WAS something I was lacking though, and this was not a type of shopping I enjoy.

Saddle shopping

I had sold my dressage saddle and the idea of trying to get another one was unappealing as hell. After buying a new truck the budget was limited (probably because I keep wasting money on”stuff”) and also 110% unnecessary with no horse to ride.

Combined with the inevitable “can never find anything I like and I don’t know if it will be comfortable or fit me or fit my horse or blahhhhhhhh” gauntlet I was less then enthusiastic. But, I always try and keep my ear to the ground and see what’s floating around the interwebs just in case.

Cue today, I stumbled across a Kentaur Elektra saddle.

It was second hand, in my size, in my colour, in good condition and less than a third of the RRP.



How well do YOU THINK my will power held up?


So now I have a dressage saddle, and honestly? At the price it was worth the gamble. But I seriously hope it works out because I have loved this saddle sick for years.

Pray for us.

Pray that it fits, and that one day I will be able to control my spending because buying a house some day would be great.





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  1. Tell me about it. I get as far as the checkout before forcing myself to stop because I promised my horse she’d be western and we’ve still got a good while before we really ride again. The struggle is real. I feel you lolol

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