And by she, I mean my Kentaur Elektra.


Side note: apparently this is my 100th post – woohoo!






She’s magical


I am so excited to actually ride in it… whenever that may be.

One small thing though (and I was 100% prepared for this to happen), she needs to be re-dyed.






I couldn’t tell you what the previous owners did to this saddle because it looks immaculate, and much of the colour change seems to be outside of the areas traditionally worn down (like the leg flaps where the leg doesn’t sit? Eh?)

But this is irrelevant because

  1. I love it
  2. the leather is still in perfect condition
  3. You can re-dye a saddle
  4. I got it for an absolute steal



So many questions


Now initially I was planning on taking it to a saddler for this process, but for research sake prior to purchase I checked what the actual re-dying process for saddles was.

And then I stumbled across Amanda’s blog post from 2015 about re-dying her Luc Childeric saddle because of similar fading issues. Literally the number one search result on Google, which is both amazing and terrifying because I am starting to wonder if there is anything equine related Amanda hasn’t blogged on.

Seriously. It is a great blog.




But now I am wondering if I should have a go at dying the saddle myself, and I can’t decide if this is the best idea ever, or complete madness.

Maybe more than one hard cider required…

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  1. Go for it. I had the saddle AC dyed and then sold it for even more that I bought it from her. Itlooked fabulous dyed even a couple years later. And Amanda has all the instructions there. Give it a whirl! Good luck.Nice saddle!

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