So, barring a brief blip where I decided to get back on Bumper after returning from Rome (here) in October, Bumper has been on his lovely vacation since the middle of August.



Come back to me, you divine beast


The 11th of August to be exact.

Which means – ignoring my 1.5 rides in October – Crumpet has been out of work for 9 months.

That’s 41 weeks.

That’s 286 days.




Honestly, it stopped even registering after about month 3. I held out a lot of hope that this would be a somewhat quick fix, but all I can say is I definitely didn’t anticipate it taking this long.

At all.


In my wildest dreams.



My wildest dreams look a lot more like this. They also include Scott Eastwood so Tay Tay was spot on here.


But here we are, and I am starting to get… nervous?

Excited maybe?

Or anxious?

Honestly, I don’t know what I am feeling.



do know that I miss him terribly.


Why so stressed so suddenly?

Well hopefully he will be cleared to be brought back into work on Monday, and all of a sudden it’s like…

Is this actually happening?





On a scale of one to even, I literally just can’t.

I want this so badly, but I am too scared to hope.

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  1. Omg I started jumping up and down when I read this (and I was going up the stairs so probably not smart). Yesyesyes you are totally ready and every limb will be crossed multiple times on Monday that you get good news!!

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  2. uncertainty is 1000% my LEAST favorite emotion and mental state, ugh, so i totally sympathize. you’ve done so well by Bumper tho, here’s hoping he returns the favor by coming back into work feeling healthy strong and happy!

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