Cards on the table here, I need help figuring out what I want when it comes to my next breastplate.

I have no clue what I actually like, and I find hearing people’s feedback on style/brands really helps me think about my own likes and dislikes.


So here is the situation:

Current breastplates – a Warmblood sized 5 point that used to have sheepskin on parts of it (fun) which could be removed for washing (handy) that got dyed by some black sheepskin I washed with them (oops) and have subsequently lost the little bits too (typical).



The sheepskin has long since departed, and now velcro sits on his shoulders


Quality-wise it’s actually held up really well given I always  jump in a breastplate, no ifs/ands/buts and I have literally no idea where it came from so who even knows how quality it is supposed to be.

However, as B is very much horse sized, this breastplate is not the best fit and is getting on a bit in age.



Everything is on the tightest hole and I still don’t love the fit.


The elastic is also green.

Neither of these things are working for me.




I could go way back in time to my very first breastplate, which is still in my possession and still functional, as it’s a horse sized 3 point black breastplate with black elastic but if the quality of the 5 point is debatable, the 3 point I know is of cheap make.



Small gear glow up since I was 15


Functional? Yes.

Nice? Not so much.



This is nice, but is it too bulky? And will I feel the same way about the navy elastic in the future I do now about the green?


Now, despite this being on my “needs to be upgraded list” for some time… I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on a replacement breastplate – circle back to “I have no idea what I want” at the start of this post.

Personally, I feel like blaming the AMOUNT OF OPTIONS we have these days.



There’s no doubt I have a thing for Kentaur, what with my new saddle and my open fronts. It’s simple and the elastic won’t be an issue, but is it AS stable as a five point?


5 point, 3 point, stockmans, anatomical you name it.

Do I want elastic? Or not?

Has anyone actually ever found much difference between the different styles and the way it has helped stabilize the saddle or allowed a freer range of motion for the horse?



Or I could go something really different like the Lumiere Vida which has a detachable girth strap. I love this company and I love options.

What about fluff? I love fluff! But is there a point where people start to wear too much fluff? My head says yes, my heart isn’t sure.

All I know is, I want something sleek, clean and tidy looking which won’t have me regretting my choices within the next 12 months.




Facts, research or just plain old opinions – throw it at me!

Brands, styles, I don’t care but let me know what works for you!

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    1. Looks like it so far! I’ve had plenty but honestly I still don’t know what I’m doing because I’ve never personally noticed a different between the 3 and 5 points and I’ve not tried anything else yet.


  1. So I have a Kentaur and a Flexible fit. My Kentaur is this one: I like the girth attachments, better fit and stability. The quality is great and I like the fit. True to size full.

    My FF one I bought for Henry, and I wanted something that wouldn’t look too bulky on him. It’s perfect for him and I really like the fit, look and leather better than the kentaur one.

    Both have limited elastic which I think improves the lifespan and makes them easier to clean etc.

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    1. Oh wow I REALLY like the look of the FF one. I think you might be right about the limited elastic too… though I am surprised to hear the leather quality is better on the FF, I’ve had hit and miss things from them before and Kentaur has always been so good to me.


      1. It’s not that the quality is better or worse, I just like the FF better. And yes, I have had some hit and miss experience with some of FF early stuff, but their recent stuff has ticked all my boxes. My breastplate is 18 months old and looks new. My Kentaur breastplate is older and also looks new when it’s clean. Really I think it’s about preference!

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  2. Bahahaha I think the most honest answer any eventer can give you about breastplates is: They look cool, and if it makes any kind of difference, we’ll take it!

    Now for the serious thoughts. I had a three point breastplate that attached to the D-rings. I felt that it pulled my saddle forward and DOWN, onto the shoulders. Sooo I went to a 5 point, but it didn’t fit May right (it wanted to hit the front of her shoulders). SO now I have a three point breastplate that attached to the girth. Similar to your last picture.

    I find this keeps the saddle forward enough to sit in the sweet spot, without pulling things onto her shoulders or restricting her shoulders’ movement forward.

    (I know you can’t get it in Australia, but here is the link for reference:

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    1. Apparently Dover does ship to AUS 😂

      That’s the thing… I’ve never noticed any difference across any of my horses so it’s like…. what is actually the best? My biggest complaint with the 5 point is perhaps the bulk under my leg but it wasn’t a deal breaker… just not ideal.


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  3. Following this. Emily’s looks like an option maybe you can find something simiilar over there?? But I can’t wait to hear what others say. I have a cob Lund three point elastic in navy that I like but Remus grew out and the navy does not stay that ‘fresh’ after a while 🙂

    good luck!

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  4. I have the Lund 3-point and love it. It has the navy elastic, but I get it clean with regular soap/water (I use it daily) and take a small scrub brush to get the hairs off the inside of it. The leather cleans up SUPER nice, even when I’ve let it collect sweat, sand and dirt for weeks, which is what happens regularly. I love the padded wither pad, the fact that it SNAPS to everything instead of having to buckle it, and the matching d-rings. It also comes with a running martingale attachment that snaps on/off.

    For P, who’s 16.1 and a bit narrow, I had to punch a hole to make the horse size fit, which is the story of P’s life. Horse size tack is always big on him. For Leo, who’s 16.3, it fit on the last hole. So a cob size may be your best bet. But if you have questions about sizing, they’re fantastic. I sent them pictures and they told me how to adjust it best.

    I believe the store is currently down because they’re re-doing pretty much everything, but you can check their FB page for updates and see if they have anything in stock. Not so long ago they were selling a bunch of stuff at a discount to make room for new inventory.

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  5. I have the PS of Sweden 3 point breastplate and I love it. They’re generously sized – the Lund 5 point horse sized was too tight on her, and the PS horse size has tons of room for Amber’s deep chest. I do have a review on that breastplate as well if you’d like to hear more of my thoughts! Personally I like the look, and it did come in handy when she was in a weird point in her fitness and the saddle didn’t fit as well. But it’s lovely, all brown (or black) which is one main reason why I picked it. I didn’t know if I’d like all the colored elastic, so I went with this one and just love it. It’s held up super well, and has fit two of my 17 hand lesson horses better than the Lund 5 point (don’t get me wrong I LOVE my Lund 5 point it’s just the PS fits a lot of different types a little better). Here’s the link to it: Either way I think I’ve had it going on 3 years now and it still looks new. It’s probably one of my fav pieces of tack lol. It’s also very minimal, and not bulky at all, which is another thing I really like about it. Anyway, hope I’ve helped a little!

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    1. Ok, I actually think I love this. But importantly, I wonder if there is anywhere in AUS that sells it…. Off to do some investigating.

      It just looks so clean with the lines and I like that it’s 3 point but not snapping to the saddle Ds


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