Idiosyncrasy #47942

I do not like wearing gloves when I ride.



Not a big deal, right? Everyone has their thing.

Except… I need to get over it.

If I ever want to compete again (we can all dream) I’ll have to wear them, so may as well keep an eye out now right?



Bulky black finger mitts


I don’t know what it is about them. The feel (or lack thereof)? The bulk? Trying to adjust buckles without feeling like I’m wearing oven mitts?

One of life’s mysteries.



I like these Roeckl gloves, and they match my jacket but they also cost $100. Are any gloves really worth $100?


So just like last week, hit me with your suggestions:

  • Brands

(I have no idea what’s out there apart from cheap Dublin ones or Roeckl)

  • Colour

(The thought of light coloured/white gloves highlighting my crappy hands makes me nauseous)

  • How to stop them from getting crusty 

(This would be great honestly)


Because the sooner I figure out what I want, the sooner I can stalk sales for them.

I already have plans from the breastplate last week so THIS IS WORKING!

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  1. I actually have those navy Roeckl gloves and LOVE them!! If they’re the Lona, they’re currently on sale at Riding Warehouse for <$50 depending on color 😉
    I've also had SSG gloves and liked them a decent amount, and my Samshield gloves were nice, but for longevity and comfort I think the Roeckls are the most worth it honestly. They're expensive, but they hold up to wear and tear well (in my experience) so I don't have to get new ones very often at all. I've ended up replacing my cheaper ones pretty regularly so I spent more on those over time.
    I also ended up sizing down at one point because of that same feeling of having bulky hands. It helped get rid of a lot of the excess material and it's waaaaay more comfortable now.

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    1. Between postage and the AUD to USD conversion it’s still up around $100 for me to get them through RW (the one reason I have not shopped there yet. The dollar conversion is killer).

      Are they actually worth the price? I can’t even wrap my head around that part!


  2. I wear heritage gloves almost exclusively. For some reason, every pair of Roeckls I have had fell apart within a month of owning them. (I wear gloves every ride.) Meanwhile, my heritages last MONTHS. I have even been known to throw them in my front load washing machine with other hose stuff when they get gross.

    These are the ones that I wear. I own them in black, brown, and navy, but I only show in the black or navy gloves (legal by USEF rules). I managed to track them down to an AUS retailer 😉

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      1. Yes – those are the ones – but omg they are super expensive! They run about $45-50 here, and I usually grab them on sale for about $35. SSG is a Canadian company and I’m in Canada so that might help the pricing!

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  3. I’ve used SSG gloves and don’t hate them. I have them in red and black so they aren’t show worthy, but they work and have lasted quite a while. My back gloves are Noble Outfitter and I like them a lot. I never liked riding in gloves before Eeyore, but he is such a heavy ride in my hand that I get blisters if I don’t wear gloves, so now I wear them every single ride no matter what.

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