We have it.

But in the spirit of not “jinxing” things, I won’t talk about it just yet.



I’m not superstitious, you’re superstitious




As a side note, this weekend is the Melbourne International 3 Day Event, and I am proud to say that I will be in attendance.




Technically it starts today with the 4, 5 and 6 year old young event horse classes but I have assignments to mark and classes to run, but the best I can manage is heading home on Friday so that I can be there for the dressage which starts Saturday.

My wonderful housemate and friend is currently leading the 4 year old class on the ISH she has trained herself since breaking.



This is Basil, he’s kind of a big deal


So I am super excited to head down and celebrate/cheer on friends/watch some world class riding. Bonus points, I will also get to see my babies and my beautiful B – can’t wait!

Hopefully by then I am ready to reveal more news!

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  1. i’m excited to hear that you’re feeling better about things! and Basil, what a good lookin horse! please take alllllll the pictures and video from the event this weekend, and have fun!


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