Bob’s actually been around since Easter, but he hasn’t got any blog time yet.

Partly because I have had other things on my mind.

Partly because he isn’t technically my dog.



It’s ok, Bob and I know the truth


Bob is (now) a 16 week old kelpie pup that belongs to my OH and I have therefore claimed by default. We picked him up at 8 weeks. Spur of the moment? Perhaps.




He’s been quick to worm his way into our hearts, including that of my 9 year old kelpie Tippy who is quick to express her loathing of him during every waking minute that he insists on trying to lick her face.



She can’t hide the truth when she sleeps, though.


He’s in his “so-cute-but-oh-my-god-he’s-evil” stage, characterised by high levels of energy and inability to understand why no one wants to play in the wee hours of the morning.

This is interspersed with brief rest breaks which make you forget why you thought he was so much work in the first place.



He’s not an elegant sleeper


Couldn’t imagine life without him now honestly.

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  1. OMG he’s adorable!!
    So, Kelpie’s.. we see them here, but are they truly Australian? I have a hard time explaining to people that Australian Shepherds are not. I imagine this breed is pretty popular over there?

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    1. Yes, unlike the Aussie shepherd (no idea how that came about) the kelpie is an Aussie breed designed to work sheep.

      They are my absolute favorite breed and very popular out in the country, but not good city dogs in general as they tend to need a bit of exercise if not working (unlike my 9 year old Tippy who has been lazy since the days she was born)

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      1. So many people here label anything that’s shorthair and black/tan a Kelpie.
        I’m sure some actually do have some herding dog in them, but I don’t know of too many people actually breeding true Kelpies.
        They seem like an awesome breed though!

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      2. Oh that’s crazy! Kelpie’s don’t have to be shorthaired. Tippy is double coated and colours range from black and tan, to red and tan, to all red (like Red Dog), brown, black, black and white, fawn etc. I have a friend who has two gold Kelpies, but sometimes I wonder if there’s just more dingo in them haha

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