I’m heartbroken.


We hardly new ye.

Turns out, she’s not here.

And by that I mean, the fitter came out yesterday to let me know my horse only wants to destroy my financial stability it won’t fit.

Short term.

Long term.

The answer is no.



Excuse my French.


Silver lining:

This saddle fitter is unbeatable, and therefore I have been supplied with a list of saddles that will be suitable for him.

Minor downside:

Most of them are custom or require custom adjustments when ordering

Silver lining:

There are 2 on there, in my price bracket that should be somewhat ok to get a hold of.

Minor downside:

This still means I need to re-dye the Elektra and get it sold before I can buy another one and trying to find the required dying materials in AUS is like hunting for a Tasmanian Tiger. Just when you think you found it, turns out you were looking at a website in Brazil. And they don’t ship.




So let’s go for it here, and if anyone knows where I can find the below saddles give me a shout!

  • Ideal Suzannah (must be in a 17.5″ and M gullet or adjustable to a M gullet)


  • Kent and masters S Series Dressage with the high wither tree (17.5″ and M-MW gullet)




If we want to move down the road of “snowballs chance in hell” I could also have

  • Kieffer Paris or Sydney with a size 1 seat in a MW gullet BUT it must have the dropped shoulder panels
  • Frank Baines Reflex/Pirouette with dropped panels
  • Fairfax Gareth/Rebecca/Spencer (aka can’t afford but you never know)




He’s not even home yet and I am pre-poor

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