Equestrian Stockholm Lightweight Jacket in Classic Navy: RRP $240-300


This jacket was a purchase I made at the end of December 2018 as Christmas present to myself, because #selflove.

I’d wanted it forever.

Was it expensive?


Do I regret it?

Not one bit!



Going to pretend I look this nice/clean around the horses


Even though I bought it in the Australian Summer, I swear I have worn it pretty much every day (cold office).

It looks smart and casual outside of equestrian settings as much as it does in equestrian settings.

This means it lives a life of being shuffled from office, to car, to outings and so forth.

Despite the constant abuse it still looks clean and new.

I love it so much, I would consider getting it in the multitude of other colours they have, if I was the type of rich that could afford to do so.



Will accept any/all


This jacket comes everywhere with me, and despite being a puffer style, always makes me feel less frumpy.

So all hail the ES Lightweight Jacket!



Let’s be real.

This jacket is not cheap, especially considering it’s not really a heavy weight or waterproof jacket. That being said, I have got a solid 6 months of wear out of it and have not been disappointed in it once. So far, worth every penny.



Love it. Love it with everything.

Every day.



As above.




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