This last weekend was nothing short of mammoth.

It’s been almost 12 months since my friend passed away last year, and there were plans to commemorate this on the Saturday with a rugby match for the “COL Cup”. Not that I play, but the OH does and it was for Andy… so… yeah. I live the WAG life upon occasion.




Naturally this was followed with celebrations at the pub and many people letting loose or catching up, as the match drew people back to the area who had left for work etc.

Knowing that I had to do the five hour drive to Melbourne (alone) the next day, I was a responsible adult who stayed sober (mostly) and left early for a decent night sleep. Unfortunately this does not stop the OH from waking you at 3am when he comes stumbling in with the dogs in tow.



Actual footage of them all jumping into bed


Downside – not nearly as much sleep as I was hoping

Upside – the next day I managed to con him into coming with me

This meant I could head down on the Sunday and be back by Monday, rather than the Tuesday I was initially aiming for to give myself a chance to rest and by 1.00pm we were on the road.

I also sold one of my saddles and had to drop that off whilst I was down there note: more driving and they couldn’t meet me on Sunday, so Monday morning delivery it was.





On a positive note, this was the most fuss free sale of anything horse related I have ever had and everyone needs to be as chilled as the lady who bought this saddle. If you could give people ratings like an Uber, this whole experience would have been 5*.



Just magical


So our Monday morning looked a lot like this:

5.00am  – Load float and ute with as much hay as possible

6.00am – Leave for Blampied to drop off saddle

6.30am – Head back to Daylesford for Bumper’s 8am appointment

7.30am – Gatecrash Caitlin’s house and wake her up early on her one day off then consume all her coffee, tea and Tim Tams

8.00am – Bumper’s final check up and debrief

9.00am – Pack the car and feed B before the big trip

9.30am – Hit the road



Hay in the tray, hay in the float, hay in my undies


This part was all smooth sailing. The appointment went well, B was his normal perfect self and self loaded into the float like the world’s goodest boi he is.



“Good boi’s get to feast on the hay buffet”


Then our Monday afternoon panned out more like this:

12.00pm – Slow decrease in sanity knowing we were not even half way

3.00pm – Fast decrease in sanity, knowing how close we are to the end but still so far

3.30pm – Arrive back in town, drop the OH at work and head to B’s new agistment

4.00pm – Release a very pleased B out into his lovely new field

4.45pm – Mad dash back into town before the feed store closes

5.00pm – Remind the feed people why they don’t miss me as I pour over all the bags deciding despite knowing what I wanted when I walked in (just in case, you know?)

5.30pm – Do the weekly grocery shop so I don’t spend ridiculous amounts of money buying food for lunch

6.30pm – Attempt to make myself feel human again with a shower, feeding the Tippy dog and showering her with treats and affection for being gone for so long, do the laundry and make all my meals for the week before dying a slow painful death from the day



Home sweet home


In the cold light of this Tuesday morning, I woke up earlier than normal and realised how happy I was to have a reason to get up early again. I sped off to see him and my heart was full, and felt like a part of me that had been missing was returned. I didn’t quite realise how big a hole his absence had left for me until he was back, and that hole was filled once again.

I mean, I knew I missed him, obviously. But I can’t explain it, life’s just better for seeing his face every morning and night.



Hay is a lot less appealing when there’s so much grass


Now, the work begins!

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    1. Yeah, to be honest it probably would to most people but I felt the blog was reaching scary lengths without further explanations. (COL cup is named after Andy – COL was his nickname haha) and WAG is wives and girlfriends, usually used to describe the posse of immaculately dressed woman that date professional athletes (of which I am definitely NOT one) Otherwise it’s just twenty different locations across VIC and NSW state lines!

      Having him home feels so good!

      Liked by 1 person

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