Find a saddle I can use until mine arrives?


Use it?

How about no.




The saddle is a very kind offer from the people who allow me to agist on their property. However, it is also the saddle of their breaker who has just returned home, so I am trying very hard to stay out of their way and not use it when they need it.

We tend to run on similar horse-work schedules, so this has been tricky.




Lame horse.



Please. Just… please.


It’s getting to the point where I feel like people are starting to question my sanity or if I am just making all this crap up.

Who has luck like this?



Me. All day. Every day.


This horse was in work for 4 weeks with no issues.

He’s been home with me for 2 weeks and I have had a saddle not arrive, a colic and a lameness.

You’d think I have Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

I’m starting to think I have MSBP.




It’s only minor, but like come on.

Someone just come put me out of my misery please.

I pulled out the hoof testers and got nothing, so I gave him the bute I had saved from the colic incident and he will get today off (which was scheduled anyway).

Fingers crossed for improvement, because the B-car ain’t a fan of bute.


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Brats ahoy 🤦🏼‍♀️

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Worm/medicate this horse, and the outcome is always the same.

Food tantrum.

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      1. Ah yes! That is a problem with Biasini when I try to give him electrolyte paste He holds it in his mouth and will not eat for up to half an hour and then I give up and syringe water into his mouth. But he will take electrolyte powder in his feed.Horses can be such characters. Thanks for commenting.

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  1. Who has luck like this? Me, so I can vouch for your un-insaneness (however, it’s likely I’m actually insane so take that how you will). The thought of purchasing a remote island and dropping P off there has crossed my mind more than once, and I can make room for B (insert evil cackle here). Hope the bute + rest does the trick!

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