I suppose I owe updates, given it’s been another week.



Where is time going?

Someone help me.



The farrier was out on Friday to trim up my swamp monster and see what could be done about his ever shifting lameness.

The answer was one abscess out the near fore.

A few days later I managed to get an abscess out of the near hind too.

So… winning?




A few more days to assess the overall lameness/soundness debacle and I came to the conclusion that as much as I would like him to be barefoot, it just doesn’t seem to be working for us right now.





Soft soles


Green grass


No dice


Oh well. We tried.


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How much does my horse care about my plans? 0. 0%

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Of course this then meant needing to get shoes on the fronts at least. Cue me hauling my pony into my work so he could have his needs attended to whilst I was taking a practical class.



Watching the teaching herd being run in.
He was feeling very left out.



Two weeks with no work, sugar loaded grass and only slightly sore feet has seen B become a bit *fireworky* in the brain department.

My poor farrier.



Visual representation of his brain


He’d be feeling pretty alright if his pesky toes could get their head in the game.

That being said, as August 1st is the official Thoroughbred birthday in the Southern Hemisphere I decided he would be rewarded with… a sleepover at work.



Sleeping is our specialty


But that’s only a pit stop onto his real gift of… time on the water walker.

I think I am looking forward to this far more than him.

Can’t imagine why.




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