Except for…




I got to ride my horse!



Riding off into that sunset


Is it a big deal?

To me… sure.

This journey officially started on August 13 2018, which means the first ride back was on August 12 2019. 1 year later.



Worst. Anniversary. Ever.


I had been so impressed with his behaviour after 2 days off thanks to the frigid polar vortex we were trapped in from Friday – Sunday morning. Legit freezing. 

But I worked him on Sunday afternoon and thought, damn, this might be happening.

So I decided to chuck the new saddle on yesterday (spoiler alert: I am obsessed with it) had a quick lunge and then hopped on in the round yard to see what would happen.



When you don’t use your top boots for a while, you lose them. So don’t mind my outfit being so #fashun, you just gotta make it work


Not a lot, apparently.

We were then kindly escorted to the 60 x 20 arena by the wonderful pony stallion who was being worked at the same time. He is honestly the goodest of good boys and played Uncle to B who hasn’t had much to do with that part of the property yet.

Very handsome too.



I have decided I would like a Connemara x TB thanks


After walking around it a bit, Storm sat in the middle while I put B to work, as he had decided that being out of the round yard was very exciting and he wanted to look at all the things and generally show everyone the dance of his people.



Less this. More dolphin.


That being said, he was quick to settle down and we called it a day.

I don’t think the tough days are fully behind us yet – he’s a young horse coming back into work and on no shortage of green grass. He also assumes he was retired and therefore has opinions about how much effort he should be contributing here.

But hey. We took the first step, right?


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  1. Yay!! There is no better feeling than getting back on your horse after a ridiculous amount of time out of the saddle.

    I had to laugh at your fashion outfit. Last night, I rode in my paddock boots with tall socks… my trainer totally called me out on it, and I had to explain that I had left my actual riding boots at home.

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