I was scrolling through my phone the other day to pull media for a blog post, and I had to stop and laugh.

You see, some very different photos of me were lined up next to each other, and they… may as well have been photos of different people.

It made me realise that there are a few distinct types of “me” you can be treated to, and guys. It’s wild. If you meet one, you may not realise the other exists (especially dressed up me as I like to exist in my natural state of “hobo” mostly).


You had Research Scientist/work me…



I’m not much of a selfie taker but this was from a video in my reel. We had been pulling bloods for 5 hours in a sideways wind. Notice me wearing an old hoodie under my overalls and a ski jacket over the top and a hat to cover very gross hair. Much glam.


Charity ball me…



The OH plays rugby, and his club celebrated 70 years this past weekend. All money raised from the auction was donated to the epilepsy foundation in memory of our friend who passed away last year


And horse me…



Horse me exists somewhere between natural hobo/work me and cocktail party me. Like, I enjoy fancy riding clothes but I also forget my top boots and am usually covered by a layer of mud, dust and/or saliva… so yeah.


It’s like having multiple personalities, but they only exist externally instead of in my head.

These photos were all taken within the same weekend, and if you feel like this is sometimes you, I would love to see the other versions of you!



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  1. I know just what you mean! “Work me” is different from “barn me” is different from “friends me” and I’m sure there are even more versions! I like to think that the best bits of barn me infuse other areas of my life – like, it helps me be patient, persistent, understanding, etc.

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  2. Ahahha I feel you on this. I feel like “blog me” and “horse me” are totally different people from “Director of Operations at a Hedge Fund me” (really an oversimplification but whatevs).

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  3. Same way! I mostly exist in lounge and pj clothes, and being a hobo as well lol. Definitely a difference from dressed up me for functions. Interestingly enough, my work me is in between hobo and dressed up since my work is super casual. Hallelujah for comfy clothes all day every day lol

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