We are officially one week in.




In a perfect world, getting back on B would have been like coming home and everything would be perfect. He would be the same horse I remember and life would be easy.



“Everything is perfect, rofl #yolo”


Unfortunately, that’s not life. That’s Instagram life. And I don’t want to lie and pretend everything is going well on here if it isn’t.

Sometimes it can be hard to walk the line of honest without underplaying the situation or, usually in my case, being a melodramatic biatch.



Me, most days.


But let’s try, shall we?

Everyone’s familiar with the timeline:

  1. World’s best horse
  2. Ulcers
  3. World’s best horse
  4. Muscle tear
  5. Time off
  6. Time off
  7. Time off
  8. World’s best horse with Caitlin
  9. Colic
  10. Abscesses
  11. Another horse looked at him sideways
  12. No saddle
  13. Current location


Now, obviously, I rode him when he was down with Caitlin, and he was super. He was forward and engaged and honest and wonderful, and… and… and.. everything.



World’s best horse sadly does not make you world’s best rider


B had established quite the fan club for himself there too. And why wouldn’t he? A nice, young, well moving, hard working and polite man deserves a fan club.

Since I have started riding him again, I have not been treated to the same experience.

The ulcer medication has definitely eased much of the hyper sensitivity and anxiety thank god, but when I am riding I still feel like I have to tread very carefully. 




I’m trying to maintain the balance between getting effort/work from him, and not tipping him over the edge.

Right now, cantering is a no-go. If I take him over that threshold, we don’t seem to come down, and honestly that’s fine because his walk/trot work is nowhere near what I would consider consolidated enough to want to canter.

Going straight is hard. But apparently so is bending.

Most of my rides I feel like I am throwing my hands up his neck because I couldn’t give a sweet baby bippy where his head is, but he wants to curl under and disappear like a turtle.



When you just want forward but all you get is turtle


If I rise to the trot he wants to canter, but if I sit, he seems much more obliged to bend and generally listen to what I am asking.




If anyone wants a rude introduction back into a year off riding – sitting trot is it. I don’t want to do it, and I certainly don’t think it’s ideal for him either, but he’s responding better to it? Not that the response is good. But it is better.



Send help plz. Everything hurts.


I have thrown some much better riders on him to check it’s not just the pilot but he is being difficult for them too. So maybe not 100% my fault.



May be generous and downgrade to 97% my fault


He’s being very reactive around the poll, so that’s something I guess, and so active on the bit (can probably see in all the photos) which is really unlike him. Couldn’t tell you why but this horse has exactly 0% stoicism, so he probably hit it too hard in one of his aggressive rolling sessions and he would prefer a $300 bit, so now life is the worst.

I don’t know what’s going on to be honest. It’s all a bit frustrating, but as always, there’s a plan (however costly it may be):

  • Feed
    • He is basically just on grass, plus a small token feed for me to stuff his supps into. I can’t do much to change the high NSC content, and I can’t reduce his hard feed down any more than it already is.



So. Much. Grass.


  • Ulcers
    • Bye money, $400 gone RIP. It has helped a lot though, plus the Digestive EQ he will now live on 5ever will also see money disappear endlessly, so wooo!


  • Teeth
    • Scheduled for this Friday. He IS quite overdue, but I wanted him done by my vet here, so I had to wait until I could get him in and he was back in the state. Will get them to check for a bean while he’s under too.


  • Body work
    • Poll sensitivity and general reluctance to move forward when ridden, he instead is internalising it all and going more “up” in the non-rearing sense. Not ideal. Hopefully I can find someone who can help, as the person who treated him at Caitlin’s is a good 5 hours away.


  • Feet
    • Sorted that with the shoes. Looking A+++ for soundness which is nice.


  • Saddle
    • Bought that and it seems to fit wonderfully. I also love it endlessly, so that’s nice. May be worth trying him in the old one I rode in at Caitlin’s for comparison because even if the fitter said it didn’t work for him, he went wonderfully in it.


  • Bit
    • Same exact bit he was in at Caitlin’s, so it seems unlikely to be an issue. Will consult with the dentist on his mouth conformation just in case.


This one is $219.95, so he probably needs this one


  • Training
    • Booking in with a trainer next week (between this weeks bodywork and dental, it seems best to get them out of the way before having a lesson).


Fingers crossed.

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  1. I can definitely relate! Blade is very crooked so we don’t have high dreams to pursue but we still go up and down. I’m watching him drop wright before my eyes and he lives in a lush grass pasture with shade trees, buddies, great feed, and 24/7 hay. Still drops weight this time of year. SMH.

    It’s great that you’re taking so many steps to help figure out the situation. Teeth and sheath are great places to start.

    For bodywork I highly recommend looking into Margaret Henkels “Is Your Horse 100%?” She does myofascial release therapy and I have used some of her methods on my boys with some success (No miracles but I was very pleasantly surprised at the changes and responses I saw).

    I also know ulcers well. I definitely can’t afford all those supplements so I simply went with the ingredients and my own thing. Flax, aloe, probiotic, papaya, and alfalfa. After the initial treatment with omeprazole I gradually let the others run out until he was just being maintained on flax and alfalfa (alfalfa before riding especially). This has typically worked well for me but it seems like this time of year I’m just going to have to add a little extra to keep him comfortable with the heat and bugs.


  2. We’re still twinning hard here, as I’m going through the exact thing with P. He just keeps acting up and I feel like I’m riding him with kid gloves, lest he explode. He’s also due to get his teeth done, and I have the hunch my saddle doesn’t fit (or, at the very least, I’m riding with it too far forward). I’ve been trying other saddles and am about to schedule a teeth/bodywork visit for him. I hope you find the answer soon! Nothing like climbing back on your horse after a year and having a whole different set of issues.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i feel like working with horses is a never ending parade of toads to kiss…. hopefully eventually we’ll get it right and *poof* our horses will magically return to their princely states 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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