In the never ending guessing game of

“What is up my horse’s butt sideways?”

We return once more to our previous checklist.

Already completed:

  • Feed
  • Ulcers
  • Saddle fit
  • Feet

Just completed:




  • Teeth

Got this done one Friday last week. He was a few months overdue, given he was out of state and I really don’t like anyone but my current vet dentist to do the work.

It’s hard to find a good vet/dentist, I swear. Either you get a dentist with no vet background (and then half the time need the vet anyway to sedate) or a vet who has done no further dental training before having at it.

Clare is kind of brilliant, and had just returned from doing dentals on Rhino’s at the Western Plains Zoo which is honestly the coolest thing ever.

General consensus was – one canine still erupting and likely to be causing sensitivity during the bridling and unbridling process (correct). Big hooks up the back and quite sharp molars which had resulted in mouth ulcerations.


Anyway, the sharp bits are all gone now and the ulcers weren’t too severe, so he should be more comfortable and they should heal quickly.

We also removed several beans. Do I think this was affecting him?


But it’s nice to know he has clean junk.



Those phresh doodle feelings


  • Bit



The current set up


Another wonderful thing about Clare, is that whilst this was all happening I got her to check his mouth for anything that may indicate he needs an alternative bit, or if my current one was likely to be causing issues.

The answer was thankfully no.

It was the right size and well suited to his normal palate mouth. No signs of chafing or inflammation anywhere. Win.


  • Body work

This happened last Wednesday, and I did not take any photos so use your imagination.

General consensus – horse is quite sore, specifically in the neck and somewhat in the SI area.

She will be coming out again to see how he has “held together” in the week since treating him so we can establish a game plan as to how often he needs to be looked at. That’s nice.

Queries as to how he is sore when he is minimal work but I am kind of done being surprised. It did cross my mind that all body workers probably say the horse is sore, but I saw her treat two others on the property and give them the all clear. So no. Just me.

She doesn’t want him doing too much lunging or fast work, and I was like mate, me neither. Sad thing is, he only wants to show me the dance of his people right now until his brain reinserts itself and she understood. So I am trying to keep it to a minimum but… we will see how that goes.


Current status:

I haven’t had much of a chance to investigate how these changes have helped, or if they’ve made no difference at all due to dying from the plague i.e. very bad cough/chest infection thing last week which had me in bed for all but the absolute necessities.

Like floating my horse to the vet to have his teeth done whilst I sat in my car and napped off the exhaustion from standing upright or coughing my left lung up.

I guess that will be this weeks job, along with the second body work appointment. I want to be excited, it’s such beautiful weather finally, but it’s hard to gear up when I feel like I am no closer to an answer.



Current status summary: ^

To do:

  • Feed

Yes, this is back on the list. Thinking of just going an all out MagOx supplement rather than a general calming one. Spring grass may be throwing the Mg:K ratio out so why the hell not, at least it’s cheap. I may even consider a grazing muzzle.

The second is a very unappealing prospect, but if this is all just a bad grass fever dream then that might have to be it.



Come at me Hannibal


  • Training

Planning to get lessons booked in ASAP for when I can move without hacking up phlegm. I know if this situation was happening to anyone else it is what I would recommend when all physical scenarios are ruled out

  • Blood work
  • Hair Testing

These are both now on the list. Bloods I can get done through work (woo me for working in a vet school), hair testing is still up in the air. There seem to be some crazy charlatans out there offering this service and I am a woman of science dammit.



My face after reading some hair testing reports


Fingers crossed things will take a turn soon, and the sideways obstruction will dislodge from his rectum.

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