Riding progress is still slow.

And by slow, I mean non-existent. However I have to claim full responsibility for this as my left lung is still very much trying to exit my body when I am sitting still.



My day currently


Heavy breathing from exertion is unlikely to help this. In fact, it is probably almost impossible to achieve without collapsing into a phlegm hacking mess.

I have been working him on the ground as much as possible, and yesterday B had his check up by the chiro to see how his body was holding together since the initial visit.




Good news (for once):

She was super happy, and said his current state was on par with any horse she expected to see that was in work.

She also confessed this was quite surprising given what a hot mess he was last week.

She then told me to keep doing what I am doing, be patient and he will be fine.



He has been so sleep and cuddly lately


Always nice to hear.

Given the lack of doing much I have limited media, but hopefully I will have something more exciting to report on soon.


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    1. Yep. I think ultimately I’m fighting with the high sugar grass but I’m torn between just letting it go for the next few weeks because with the current drought situation it’ll be the last time he has any for a while. 🤷🏼‍♀️


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