Life is feeling a bit like this at the moment.

If I stop, I’ll drown.



Work, sick, marking, teaching, marking, driving, horse, marking… and on it goes


It’s been a while since I last posted, unfortunately “the illness” took hold of me for far longer than I had mentally calculated.

Suffice to say, I am alive. However, this has meant B had to take an unscheduled interruption to his regularly scheduled programming… c’est la vie.

It wasn’t really feeling like all the work we were doing was giving me anything more than a very fit ping pong ball on a sugar high as opposed to the average ping pong ball on a sugar high.

Neither situation is ideal, but one is definitely less ideal than the other. So maybe this was a good thing.



B with every bite of grass


On top of “the illness” was also the running of residential school for our distance students which means 3 days of intensive classes. Despite how much time and effort goes in from the entire team to pull of just one subject and how depleted we usually feel afterwards, I had the most wonderful time teaching.

We had riders and trainers from all different backgrounds in a classroom together discussing training techniques and principles, with everyone paying full respect to different opinions and experiences.

It was probably one of the most beautiful experiences of my life (said the sad academic) but I don’t care because I am a nerd for horses and equitation science – out loud and proud.




Sadly, scheduling for the residential school meant I wasn’t able to leave on Friday with a friend to head to Sydney, as she was competing in the Agnes Banks Sydney Eventing Spring Classic.

Necessity is the mother of invention though, and I was able to coerce a student into dropping me off at the grounds on her way home from residential school. We may have arrived late Saturday night but it was definitely #worthit.

Given I was originally from Victoria, I had never had the money or opportunity to travel all the way to Sydney International Equestrian Centre (SIEC) for an event, because Australia is big and that place was like 10 hours away from me. Sure, I’m in NSW now, but it’s still a 5 hour drive.



I’ve made Sydney and SIEC look a bit further north than it is in real life, but you get my drift. Australia = big.


I wasn’t expecting to be too impressed because Werribee is the National Equestrian Centre and Boneo is gobsmackingly gorgeous and yet… here we are.


Image may contain: grass, tree, sky, bridge, plant, outdoor, nature and water


They had little rooms you could hire out on site, leftover installations for the grooms during the Olympics. This one tiny detail just improved the quality of event living so damn much though (for those of us not blessed with living areas in our floats anyway). It was SO NICE to have somewhere to come back and keep your stuff, or change without getting sawdust and hay in your undies. And a heater.

So yeah.

Game changing.



Rows upon rows of beautiful stables opening into a central grassy area


Of course, the facilities were also super nice because #Olympics, but what impressed me the most was despite being a huge event, it felt so calm because they had the infrastructure to support such large numbers. Plenty of warm up room, plenty of stables, plenty of parking.

Just plenty.



So much room to party


Sadly, my late arrival on the Saturday meant I didn’t have much time to see the XC course because my friends had done XC the day before and I only managed to squeeze in some fences from the end of the higher levels. It seemed nice though.














Unfortunately, my friends weekend wasn’t the one she was hoping for, but she finished and that’s the dream!

All I know is, I am desperate to compete her ASAP. I’d always put it off in my head because I thought it would be just too much until my horse was more consolidated. Now I am thinking that if we could survive Gundagai last year, not much else will be too bad.

Once his brain turns back on again anyway…



Me, trying to find if the brain is still under his forelock or if it squeezed out his ear and left us permanently


Until then, marking, marking, more marking, teaching and perhaps to change it up I will do some marking.

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  1. what a gorgeous venue – glad you got to enjoy the visit even if it was a bit rushed. exciting about the prospect of looking forward to your next event too – hopefully something works out soon 😀


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