Spring sprung for us a while ago.

The grass was green, the NSC levels were high and Bumper was feeling life.



Forever and always this


Now that his weight has improved, I feel better about showing the before and after photos.

Keep in mind, this horse was a hard keeper and when he starts to drop weight it goes fast. Where he was spelling wasn’t on top of the situation, so Caitlin had the worst time ever trying to cram food into him when she picked him up, and he still had a way to go when he arrived back with me.



Three days after arrival


Two weeks after arrival


1.5 months after arrival


Current state of affairs – alternative title “Hello Clarice”


I feel pretty lucky this was able to be turned around so quickly, but it almost happened too quickly. For the first month I was stuffing him with as much food as I could until I eventually had to rein it back to nothing but grass because he wouldn’t even eat his dinner. The grass was just too good and filled with those sweet, sweet NSC’s so there was no point. And his brain had exploded.

Now with Spring actually arriving (and therefore Australia returning to the Satan’s balls of hot) the grass we do have left will die pretty soon, the drought will return and I will miss these days very much.



Bumper does not agree


My wallet will especially miss these days because your horse surviving on grass alone is quite the money saver.

And it honestly feels wild to me that I have had to muzzle him for half the day, which I really hate doing it because it makes me feel so guilty. But this boy don’t need no more weight and I am enjoying him a lot more when his brain isn’t doing this:




I don’t think anyone in Australia has ever been so eager for grass to die. Remind me of this moment when I am lamenting the cost of hay during the drought.

Please and thank you.

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