The full name of the pad is actually “LeMieux ProSport Suede Close Contact Jumping Squares”, but the title was long enough – deal with it.

Just a heads up that I am in no way sponsored, endorsed, affiliated or associated with LeMieux or their stockists and that this opinion is 110% my own.



Some of you may know this, some of you may not, but I am a “matchy” person from the way back when.



Please view Jan 2013 Ella in all her matching glory


And things spiraled out of hand there for a bit with colours…



So much booty… so little tail…


(Nov 2014) Don’t mind the boots, I just refuse to walk around in my top boots so they come off as soon as I hit the ground


Perhaps that is why I love eventing so much? Adrenaline rush of cross country and a cute little matching outfit? Wild.

I was gifted a LeMieux jumping pad for Christmas 2016 by my wonderful housemates, because they knew I had fallen in love with the Corn Blue colour. I hadn’t seen anything like it, and I was lusting after that bad boy like crazy.

I took it for a spin when Bumper and I went Cross Country for the first time and hot damn…




It changed my life.

And not just because I loved the colour and the shape of it, but because of how well it held up to a ridiculously hot day without soaking through, sinking onto his spine or slipping back.



The D ring attachments were so much better than the usual velcro tabs you slide around the girth straps, because they kept the spine of the pad up as well as forward. It’s also easy as hell to keep clean.

Just like that I became hooked, and my competition debut with Bumper saw me buy more, one in white for SJ and Benetton Blue for XC (it matched my base layer).





They retail for $84.95AUD, which is pretty mid-range these days, but being the tightarse I am who tends to only buy things on sale means I usually wait until Southern Sport Horses is doing 20% off, bringing them down to about $67.95. That’s hella reasonable.

I now don’t buy any other style of jumping pad because that is the level to which I have been converted, and in the last year I have added two more because I sold all my others and needed work pads for when B came back in. I’m currently without a jump saddle, but whatever.





I have moved somewhat away from super loud colours in my old(er) age, so welcome to the team navy and grey. Black is probably going to be adopted in when I get a jump saddle again. Who am I kidding, if I can I will probably bring in as many as I can without upsetting my neutral-ish colour scheme.

So if anyone out there has been wondering whether or not these pads are worth the money (yes) and live up to the hype (yes) then wonder no more. I can’t speak highly enough of them.



I could not love the look/shape of these pads with jump saddles more. I’m sure there are plenty of people who disagree with that but hey, this is just me.



My first pad is now almost two years old, and admittedly the last year hasn’t seen it get much action, but the first one had it copping some serious abuse. It still looks new, so at this point…



Even at the actual price of $84.95 AUD I think these pads are worth what you pay for them. They’re not too thick, they look nice, they clean up well and most of the time you can find them on sale somewhere. Winning.


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  1. I have the Weatherbeeta knock off and adore it. Won’t ride in anything else. It has the shame shape and d ring keepers and also has mesh along the spine for added air flow. Eeyore does really well in it even in 100F heat and it comes clean nicely.

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