After having so much help all weekend to get B and I trucking along better at all, I knew that the big step for us would be doing it alone.

I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone that riding is a hell of a lot easier when someone is shouting at you from the ground all the ways to suck less.



Does anyone else also get this feeling the first ride after a great lesson?


Luckily, my friend had helped prep me for this by making me a mental checklist to work through if things started to get messy, so, armed with my checklist I brought B in and tacked him up for a ride.

Thanks to some extremely wild weather on Tuesday (where the hell it came from after our super Summer weekend I will never know) prompting a day off which was probably well timed in all honesty, I wasn’t sure what horse I would be met with.

Would all the work of the last week still be in place, or would the cool change have invigorated him as it so often does?

He has an issue with cold snaps. I can’t tell you why that is.


Behold B in all his cold snap glory


To my pleasant surprise, he walked in calmly, tied up calmly and tacked up calmly.

Ok, maybe not that much of a surprise. He’s been pretty good about that the whole time barring a hectic couple of weeks on the Spring grass. And even then I wouldn’t say he did anything wrong, he was just super tense.

That being said, he was so calm I was honestly contemplating just hopping on and heading straight to the arena, and I think I could have, but I decided to give us our best chance for success by sticking to the current routine before heading in.




The last thing I wanted was to have an awful ride after being so happy and feel like we were back at square one. But I didn’t, and we weren’t.

He warmed up wonderfully in the round yard and was only slightly disappointed that when I dismounted to open up the gate it wasn’t because work was over and we managed to walk calmly over to the arena.

Upon entering I felt him back off my leg a touch, so I did what any person would do. I made him go, and I made him do it with gusto because this is work time. It was about half way down the long side at the canter he realised some friends had been let into the laneway to graze and that he actually really wanted to be down that end of the arena after all.

Ha ha.

Ha ha.




Actual footage of my face


That long side away from the gate became very exciting (oops), and then it became a discussion on “we only go when say we go” which ended very quickly (yay) and prompted the most delicious medium trot he’s ever given me.

It was not picture perfect – especially the first ten minutes when he was far more interested in getting to his friends –  but he gave me some beautiful work and I also felt comfortable asking him to do so when he thought it may be optional.

By the end I knew he was getting tired but I really wanted to canter because I have always loved it and I trusted him to not be a dick about it. So I asked, he gave, and I got into 2 point and just let him open up and stretch out in both directions for a few laps.



I was super happy about it. He mostly seems confused.


It was probably the best feeling I’ve had in a really long time and it made me realise something.


I need to jump again.

But I don’t have a jump saddle.



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