Generally when I get something new, I will wait until I have had it for a decent enough period of time to review it.

On the weekend I wore a pair of breeches for the second or third time, but it would have been their first “real” ride. And by “real” I mean the proper-riding-for-decent-amount-of-time-and-not-faffing-about type real.



Someone plz help me


So why isn’t this one of my reviews?

Because I need to ask a question. An important one. In a safe space. This safe space of the blogosphere to other horse people who may understand what I’m going through… Or may have heard of this predicament if not having experienced it themselves first.

Hands up to the people out there who have full silicone breeches.





I do. My old faithful Spooks breeches are full seat silicone. They look like this (but black).




I have worn the absolute hell out of them. They’ve been my go to breeches for as long as I have owned them.

I liked the silicone. I felt secure but also not “stuck”. They were my first foray into this new silicone grip world and I enjoyed it immensely.

So I invested in some Aztec Diamond breeches, that look like this:



Zero moments of regret over this purchase because these are probably the most comfortable breeches I have owned ever. The silicone is only on the knee but I have had no issues with feeling secure through the seat despite being fabric only.

So when the Black Horse CoolMax breeches went on sale last year during my riding hiatus I did not hesitate to snag myself a pair for when I got back to it.




I love Black Horse.

I love the other breeches I have had from them.

I love the company, what they stand for and how much they support local horse events and riders.

But guys, I need to know if this has happened to anyone else or why it’s happened to me. Maybe I have done something wrong because I am shook. SHOOK I tell you!




During my ride on Saturday I started to notice that my seat was basically burning. Sitting in the saddle became super hard. Alas, we continued anyway (and I avoided sitting in the canter and staying in 2 point), until B was sufficiently worked. The discomfort was significantly better when standing but there was no doubt that I had been chafed.

I can honestly say that I have never once been chafed from breeches on (under?) my seat.

To spare everyone a sight no one wants to see, if you look at the nifty diagram below the red lines indicate where my skin has gone red raw.




A few different questions are in my mind at the moment.

  1. Am I moving too much in the saddle and the silicone is keeping my breeches (appropriately) static?
  2. Are the breeches the wrong size for me? (I often have this problem as my waist is generally a full size smaller than my hips so buying tight fitting pants is hard)
  3. Was it a combination of super hot day, sweat and silicone?
  4. Are heavy duty silicone seats just not meant for those of us with big booties?
  5. Is this something that happens in full silicone breeches?






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  1. I know some people who have has a similar experience with kerrets full seat breaches. I think some breeches are made for dressage riders who like,,,, never post? Idk. Overall I tend not to be a fan of full seat silicone breeches at all.

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    1. It’s just wild! Because I have others that I love but the silicone pattern seems to be the main factor? Or maybe it was the heat. Either way, I have had some comments about it on my EIP Facebook page from other people with these breeches saying the same happened with theirs!

      Simultaneously relieved and sad because this shit HURTS

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    1. Someone told me they have had this problem with these breeches exactly but only in Summer.

      I don’t know if I am game to ride in them in Winter because the next ride is even worse! I don’t think I can do it again ahah


  2. That sounds painful. I have FITS full seat but they only have a small pattern similar to the Spooks ones you posted. Maybe it is just too much silicone? I can see how the friction would happen if the silicone adhered to the saddle leather and your butt skin kept moving. Maybe try using Monkey Butt Powder/Baby Powder or Body Glide on your skin and then the breeches to avoid this?

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  3. I laughed waaaaaay too hard at this. This happened to me years ago when I wore Kerrits StayTite breeches, and I never wore them again. I have the silicone Horze tights and silicone SmartPak Pipers, and have never had issues. Thank you for the warning, bahahaha


  4. it’s probably just the fit of those particular pants – i’ve had it happen on the backs of my knees. fwiw if you’re into full seat silicon breeches, i’ve loved my Montars! i have three pairs and you can usually find good deals on them with a little searching. re: the Aztec Diamonds, mine started splitting at the seams within just a few months of light use so…. yea, won’t buy another pair.


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