Minus the ass chafing on Saturday, our ride was… pretty good.

He’d had 2 days off (one for bodywork, and the other for #lyfe screwing up my plans) but seemed pretty chilled out. And he was.


Like he was good, but also a bit spicy. So he didn’t really do anything wrong but he also wasn’t too keen to play the game with me and it took a bit more convincing than the 2 minutes it normally does.



This in a nutshell


He wanted to go fast, and I was just kind of getting in the way of that.

Soz bro, but thems the breaks.

All in all, we had a good ride minus the friction burns and called it a day with things to work on. Particularly his connection into the left rein which predominantly shows up when tracking right and it becomes the outside rein.

Sunday, on the other hand, was glorious.



Good little muffin head!


He was so super chilled and we had a really wonderful ride. Even when tracking right. I cannot wait to start doing some poles again now he’s travelling a bit more consistently/reliably.

Loving him sick even though riding hurts and cantering is a 2 point only affair. Let’s pray this passes quickly so you can stop hearing me bitch about my sore ass.




It will probably be a while until I get more media, so enjoy bulk stills from Sunday in future posts.

I’m still pretty weak all over my body (shoulda hit the gym) which is showing… pretty much everywhere but hey, there’s always something to work on and we’ll get there.

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