I saw this blog hop over on Amanda’s page and  it’s been a while since I’ve hopped anything, so why not give this one a fair shake of the sauce bottle.

1. Favorite show venue:

Wandin Park will always hold a special place for me, because that’s where I did my first ever HT.



Young me promised myself I would come back one day and ride the quarry. Still in the works.


However, I haven’t competed at SIEC, but after visiting a few weeks ago I can say that it is impressive, and I would like to compete there ASAP plz & thnx.

2. Favorite discipline:

Well eventing. Or at least, you’d hope so given the name of my blog.

I have always wanted to take a crack at polo though.



Killin’ it


3. Favorite horse color:

This is tough for me, because my favorite colour is also one I would never actually pick in real life because they don’t stay that way.




I ain’t about that flea bitten life (no offence). I love a good bay, and since having Pep, chestnuts have grown on me a fair amount. A nice black horse or liver chestnut is always welcome with me. I don’t even mind the dilutes (pally & buckskin) as long as the conformation hasn’t been compromised to get the colour in there.

Which I guess means I’ll take anything as long as it’s not a horse-cow hybrid or a double dilute.

Blue eyes creep me out.



4. Favorite tack store:

I like to share the love around a bit.

Hufglocken for all things Mattes and/or tendon boots, whilst Southern Sport Horses supplies me with my Le Mieux addiction. For tack I like Kentaur and Lumiere.

If you’re talking rider clothing then I would say Black Horse (despite last weeks incident I stand by my purchases from them), Aztec Diamond and Spooks.

5. Favorite breed:

Thoroughbred, hands down.

We will see how this changes once I start riding my WB x TB (although she’s still mostly TB, so will probably try to play any bad moments off on the WB)


Trot v trot

6. Favorite place to ride:

Preferably on the back of a horse.


7. Favorite piece of riding apparel:

My Equestrian Stockholm riding jacket. Always ❤



Totally me. Totally how I look 100% of the time


8. Favorite horse related web site:

Probably the horse blogs I read. I’m not too into a lot of horse websites (apart from those selling things). The information is often rife with inaccuracies or requires a paid subscription.

9. Favorite piece of tack:

Definitely my Ideal Suzannah dressage saddle. That thing has been game changing.

I’m pretty fond of the PEI stirrups I have on them too.




10. Favorite horse book:

Can I replace it with favorite academic paper?

Mejdell, C. M., Buvik, T., Jørgensen, G. H., & Bøe, K. E. (2016). Horses can learn to use symbols to communicate their preferences. Applied Animal Behaviour Science184, 66-73.

It was lit.


11. Favorite horse movie:

International Velvet for the nostalgia, but I watched “Ride Like a Girl” a few weeks ago and it was incredible.

Probably less about horses than about Michelle Payne (first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup) but it spared me from the terrible “frou frou” feeling that comes with many horse movies about the special “connection” and horse going from half dead to the Olympics because a girl loved it or something.

Small irony because I said International Velvet, but to be fair that girl worked her arse off in that movie.

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  1. National Velvet is my fave horse movie but I’ll have to check out International Velvet for sure! And you had me cracking up at “Preferably on the back of a horse” as your favorite place to ride bahahaha

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  2. Dapple grays. Yup. Weakness. Yet, just like you, would never actually buy one since they don’t stay that way. Since Amber tho, a good red-chestnut like Secretariat or flaxen sorrel I just love. Or liver chestnuts. Mahogany bays tho…. Oh I love them lol.
    I love International Velvet too! I think it’s where I first made my bucket list item of going on a XC course. But you know, not competing and very small. And yet…. now I want to do that for sure LOL

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      1. Oh that is weird! It seems to be mostly a breed thing over here tho. TBs and Arabians are only called chestnut. For stock breeds, chestnuts have the same mane/tail and body color, and sorrels have the flaxen mane/tails. Mostly, it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things lolol

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