… It was the worst of times.



“You stupid monkey!”


I recently had a paradoxical ride.

It was both the best ride we have had since he has come back into work, and also the worst ride we have had since he has come back into work.



How I feel thinking about it


With the heat starting to crank it up a notch, I am trying to swap our daily ride from PM to AM. I usually go after work, but heat + job has been making me super tired and I haven’t been as dedicated to chasing that 110% effort.

By riding in the morning I am both getting up earlier and using my day more effectively (aka eating dinner at a normal time) and not having to worry about having enough energy at the end of the day to ride.

Also kind of a big deal because I am a seriously nocturnal individual so this takes massive effort on my behalf.



How I feel getting out of bed


Now, B’s been pretty good. Like really good. Like “trusting him enough to hop straight on with no lunging” good.

But, when I went to grab him for our first morning ride he was an eager bean at the gate and I was like, sweet, this is already going well. Especially because no flies had shown up yet which is also kind of a big deal as they’re already really bad in the arvo so it was another morning win.

He walked in nicely. He stood calmly while he was tacked up. It was all going well.



The food is both bribery and ulcer prevention


I did opt for a quick lunge because the day before he’d had off and it was a bit cooler.

It was definitely the right choice.

Someone decided he absolutely must squeal into all the canter transitions, and I was just like yeah, cool, thanks.

It didn’t take long to settle down but clearly something had him a bit excited, but I took him over to the arena and decided we would just work through whatever he decided to throw at me in there.

It was a relatively low key few minutes until the car and trailer that we use to feed up on property went off for it’s morning run whilst we were in the arena.

And let me tell you, it was a damn problem.




And, just in case anyone is wondering… he never gets fed from this car anyway BeCaUsE I fEeD hIm, the big peanut!

So after some pretty lame protesting and being strong down the long side of the arena towards the paddocks (and food truck – where there is no exitI eventually managed to coax his head back out of his ass. It did take some time to get him to settle, because once the wind was up him everything was unfair and trying to kill him and oh my god I have never seen a horse act like such a child.



Just sit an adult on top of this and that’s the full picture


But settle he did, because he then proceeded to give me some of the best trot work I have ever had on him.

He was 100% laser focused and consistent into the contact (ok, so maybe more like 95%, but the 5% loss was a reflection of me losing his shoulder through bad riding, my bad). Leg yielding was like BAM and our turns and circles were like KAPOW and don’t even get me started on the lengthenings.



Definitely us, don’t know what you’re talking about


Of course, I have 0 actual footage of this.


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