No, it’s not another horse!





I did a big post about how the flat is super important for B and I right now and how I really wanted to focus on and consolidate this before getting back to jumping and therefore making my lack of a jump saddle…


“No Big Deal”


But I have now bought a jumping saddle.



Lol. Why am I like this?


In all honesty though – I wasn’t looking for it. It found me. Also, in our defense, the flatwork is coming along in LEAPS AND BOUNDS at the moment which is super exciting.


Most importantly, it met all the important criteria:

  1. It was in the right size
  2. It was my preferred colour
  3. It was in my budget
  4. AND it was a recommended model for B’s funky shape.


That’s a sign right? I’m taking it as a sign.

Well it better be because I have already paid for that shiz AND OMG I AM SO EXCITED PLEZ LET ME JUMP SOMETHING.



Exactly like this. What kind of jumping did you think I meant? Geez.


The saddle is a Kent and Masters S Series Jump and I am pretty keen to get my hands on this bad boy. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to get down here.

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