We know all about the big goals and future plans.

For example, mine would be:

  • Get jumping again
  • Get competing again etc.



A little less conversation, a little more action please



But what about the smaller day to day milestones we set for ourselves?

After an unintentional 3 days off (thanks, life) I was tacking Bumper up and thinking to myself how much I could not be arsed to lunge him.

Does it usually take more than 5 minutes? No.

Because he’s been a good boy lately and I generally use it to just get an impression of what I am dealing with for the day if he’s had time off (if he’s been worked the day before I don’t bother).


Because #nope riding this thing


But there we were, standing at the tie up rail and looking at each other and I said…


“F**k it”


I walked over to the arena, clambered straight on and proceeded to have a brilliant ride.



Like this if we pretend it was new media and my position is (hopefully) getting better


I couldn’t help but smile because this has been a milestone I’ve wanted to crack for a while, albeit a small one. But pre-injury he was the type of horse I could leave for two weeks and clamber back on with not a worry in the world.

It’s showing me that he’s really settling back down into himself more. Or I trust him more. Or I trust myself more?

I dunno. Maybe all of the above.




Regardless, I’m so proud of how hard he is trying right now and I am having so much fun riding again – finally!

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  1. The little milestones are the making of the mountain. So glad to hear you are having fun again. God knows this riding thing can be full of upsets and frustration so it is good to have some fun to balance that out.


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