Yeah, so I kinda said I would post this “tomorrow” after the Talk to Me: Stirrups edition sometimes in the last two weeks.

Clearly I cannot be trusted, but hey. You’re still here. So… yeah. My bad.




Anyway, let’s get to it.

I bought my PEI Joppolo Stirrups at this years Dressage and Jumping with the Stars in March. I’d had my eye on them for a while because they looked exactly like Lorenzini stirrups and I liked them the best in terms of aesthetics amid all the other super-amazing-will-fix-your-lower-leg-and-also-your-life stirrup market that had popped up.



Lorenzini Stirrups


Only catch – they retail for $310AUD.


Now, I love throwing all my money at horse stuff as much as the next person, but I was solidly dipping my toe into the fancy stirrup game after getting about in these Korsteel bad boys since… always.




And I had always felt that they had done the job, you know? My feet sat in them (most of the time) and I never thought “wow, I really just wish I had some new stirrups” because as far as I was concerned I had them and was not in need of an upgrade.

That being said, as I got older and my hip dysplasia (and subsequent arthritis) became worse I was finding I began to get more and more pain in my hips and knees.

Especially when jumping and I was raising my stirrups. So when I found the PEI Joppolo’s for $115 looking exactly the same as the Lorenzini’s I did not hesitate.



For the love of god, someone please spot the difference between these and the Lorenzini’s. Please.


Of course, I didn’t start properly riding again until recently so it took a while for me to form an opinion on them.

And form one I did… for dressage anyway. I may put up an additional jumping review when I get some time in them over fences.

Things I like:

  • The design
    • Lot of the newer stirrups come with interesting styles or colours. Now as much as I want to reap the benefits of these new schamncy style stirrups I can also be a bit of a traditionalist. I want them to look modern but I don’t want them to be in some crazy colour or look like a space age contraption.



Explain yourself


  • The weight
    • I have seen so many of the new stirrups advertised as light weight and I am always a bit perplexed by this. I like heavy stirrups. The last thing I want is to lose one and have it float off into the ether while I desperately go searching behind my ear to find it. I am not a yoga master. Stay at my feet sir. The PEI’s have good weight to them, and as an added bonus I am yet to slip them so going searching for them hasn’t been an issue.



The Compositi stirrups are so lightweight, I feel like if you lost it you’d never see it again


  • The tread
    • It’s much wider than I am used to but this is supposedly why it helps joints so much. They’re also angled to help your feet sit in a nice neutral position which I like very much. I was worried the cheese grater tread may impact the soles of my boots but so far so good.




Wider/grated treads obviously aren’t unique to the PEI’s, it’s pretty common among a lot of the newer style stirrups and I am here for it.


  • The price
    • As a tight arse/bargain hunter type person what really seals the deal for me on these is that they are in a realistic price range. I bought them for $115AUD which is not a whole lot more than your basic Korsteels (about $60AUD). I consider that a sound investment when you think about how often you replace stirrups i.e. almost never.



I am sorry but we just shan’t be together. Mostly because of the price.



Things I dislike:

There has been one key issue with these stirrups, which apparently happens just as much with the more expensive Lorenzini’s so I won’t blame cheaping out on the price to be responsible.

  • They chip



The small chips on mine. The rest is just dirt (oops)


These stirrups only come in black, red or blue and obviously to get them this colour from the standard silver aluminium they are manufactured from involves a paint/top layer of some kind. I don’t feel like there’s any real way to avoid this because horse riding is going to include things like impact with objects and contact with the horse/the girth/your boots. It’s unavoidable.

If these had been the Lorenzini’s and were chipping after I shelled out $300+ I would be super pissed but for how much I paid… eh. I don’t really notice it and it’s not enough for me to care all that much. But that’s me and I know for some people this would be unacceptable.



In desperate need of a clean but holding up well despite my neglect


  • Their availability

I had seen these online months before stumbling across them at DJWTS and I could not find them for sale anywhere in black. Just blue or red (not for me, but you do you). I even went onto a list to pre-order them and they weren’t due to come for months. Now that I am considering buying a second pair, same thing. Cannot find them for sale at all in black. I don’t know why they are so hard to get a hold of but it’s a bit of a Debbie Downer.




All up my two major revelations in reviewing these stirrups were:

  1. I have not lost them once. Not when B has spooked, not when the riding got a bit wild over spring, not at all (that I can think of). I never feel like I am reaching for them, which was a problem for me in my normal irons and I never feel like they have shifted and I have to readjust.
  2. Nothing has hurt since I started using them. Not my knees, not my ankles, not my hips.





Of all the fancy new stirrups on the market these are by far the ones I find most aesthetically pleasing. They have a nice modern look without going too far.




Despite how much I love them I cannot score them higher in good conscience. Mine are lightly used and already have chips. It doesn’t bother me but they’re not what I would consider highly durable in the sense of aesthetics. I’m sure when it comes to stirrup durability they are fine though.




For the price I think these are fantastic (as long as you’re alright with the chipping issue). They have been an absolute life saver for me and my joints, I think they look good, my lower leg feels much more stable and they’re well under half the price of the big brands like FreeJump, Jin, Tech and Lorenzini.

I am truly converted.

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  1. Love the review. Especially as a fellow bargain hunter. Not sure I’m sold on the cheese grater bottoms yet…in any of these stirrups. And disappointing about the chipping. But yes, at least they were reasonably priced

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  2. All these stirrups are so different than regular irons it is hard to figure out what is really doing the trick. Like, does the fact that I never lose my stirrups even in a bucking spree due to the cheese grater foot bed or the angled foot bed or the wider tread or the angled eye? I don’t know! But at the end of the day my legs don’t hurt no matter how long I’ve been in the saddle with my Free Jumps so they are a keeper.

    Bummer about the chips though.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have the MDC Classic stirrups on my jump saddle. (really bad left ankle) and I really love them. They are HEAVY. Like if you lose them, and they whack you in the shin, you’re going to feel it. But I like that. I feel like it helps keep my feet where they need to be. And metal, grated pads? Total godsend. I have to say though… I love the look of the ones you got.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So I think the HUGE DIFFERENCE between Lorenzini and the Joppolo is the flag. I mean, could they be any more obvious?! Haha, totally being sarcastic. They look cool tho! It is definitely difficult to know exactly what is working when it comes to all these different styles as Sarah mentioned. But perhaps that’s WHY they work? All of our bodies are different, so the subtle differences in angle or footbed may help every one of us differently. I use the composite stirrups and haven’t lost them at all since I started using them – at least, I should specify that I haven’t lost the ones that are the wider, more cheese-grater plastic grip ones. The ones you pictured still hurt my feet and I lost those even more than fillis irons. I’m glad you were able to finally find those though – they look good with your tack!

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