Bridle gate.

Le sigh.

Sick of hearing about it? Too bad.



Hello darkness my old friend


I now need a new bridle.

Mild yay because stuff, mild cry because poor.

It’s Christmas time, I ain’t got no spare money and B hates his anatomical bridle.

Oh well, you twisted my rubber arm I guess it’s time to play…




Please register thoughts and opinions on the below bridles. If you hate them all you’re also more than welcome to suggest alternative options.


  • English or Italian leather
  • Suitable for every day work but nice enough to compete in
  • Plain cavesson or convertible noseband
  • Not more than $250

He doesn’t like flash straps and the anatomical bridle does not make him happy (probably because of the lower strap).

Other than that, I’m pretty fluid. I like the idea of white piping but I am paranoid it will make us look crooked. Or show how crooked we are. Pick your poison.

His nose isn’t huge so I don’t want to drown his face and these are the options I have found so far…

Flexible Fit Equestrian – RRP $209.80 without reins


This bridle is from their gel padded English leather range. The headpiece is monocrown and I selected the thinner cheek pieces for his delicate head. This brand allows me to customise the size of every part of the bridle, i.e. full headpiece and cob noseband. I think he’s a standard full everywhere but he may benefit from a WB head piece.

It features a flat, eventer style noseband which converts to a plain cavesson so just picture that gone. I picked a black crystal browband because I already have a plain crystal browband and a blue and white crystal browband (lol) that I can swap in as I need, so it’s there for *options*.

This price does not include reins. Not that I need them but just in terms of “value”. I could get a similar plainer version in their non-gel padded leather (which I think is Indian not English) for about $120… but I don’t think so.


Lumiere Equestrian Amie Bridle – RRP $164.95




It is no secret that I am a big fan of Lumiere Equestrian, specifically their bridles. The leather is Italian, soft and delicious, the customer service has never been anything less than fantastic and they have a huge range of bridles to pick from.

The bridle that was just destroyed (RIP) was Lumiere. My spare anatomical one is too, but it just doesn’t work for him and that is no fault of the company. He’s weird. C’est la vie.

This style is super different to what I normally go for, but I really like it?

It has rolled leather cheap pieces which, despite looking really neat I thought may suit his head which is quite refined. I’m also not much of a patent person on a day to day basis but this doesn’t make me mad.

I am concerned the noseband may be too bulky though, and I can’t see many other options for a smaller one, in which case I would have to revert back to the non-rolled bridles to get a thinner or anatomical shape in there.



Still have PTSD from the twisting debacle 2 years ago.


So what do you think for the big fella?

Vote 1 or 2 below, or alternatively suggest something else!


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  1. I like #1 especially since you can order parts in different sizes at no extra cost. Sucks no reins but you don’t need reins so maybe not a big deal. I do not like bulky bridles at all. Not even on my massive headed horse. Too much leather makes my eyes bleed so #2 is a no from me but not my horse.


  2. I like the Lumiere a lot (aside from the browband, that’s too much silver sparkle for me), but I do really like a chunky noseband even on a smaller face. The FF is more classic, or more boring, depending on how you look at it. It’s like the practical no-nonsense choice versus the fun, stylish choice. Neither is bad, just two very different options!

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  3. I like 1 and it has a more fine noseband for a horse with a smaller or more fine head. 2 had such a big noseband, I have a Schumacher snaffle bridle and double bridle. I like both of them.


  4. I have got a flexible fit bridle. It’s a grackle so different to the style you are getting but I’ll be honest I don’t think the leather is great quality. It’s certainly not my favourite bridle…

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    1. I was worried about that! I have had one in the past and they gave me a really shifty headpiece that made it impossible to push the leather through the keepers once buckled up. They replaced it but considering someone had built it FOR me at DWTS I was a bit unimpressed they thought that would be ok. The diamantes also fell out of the browband after not too long but it was about 8 years ago and since then I have seen some really nice ones.

      Sounds like luck of the draw, which I don’t think I am willing to chance for the pricepoint 😦


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