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It is officially less than 1 week until Christmas.

And I love Christmas. Particularly because I like buying present for people but also…

I love buying horse stuff (or having horse stuff bought for me just to mix things up a bit) and lately there have been a few things creeping up from the “at some point” list to the “sooner rather than later”.



What I tell myself during my buying frenzies


Is this an incredibly materialistic thing to do? Potentially.

But I don’t actually expect other people to buy this stuff for me… so eh. A girl can dream.

Therefore without further ado I present to you:

My 2019 Christmas wish list.

At the top in our “really need ASAP” category is of course…

  • A new bridle.

Unfortunately the last blog post hasn’t helped me solidify which way I want to go with that yet, so I think I will have to wait until the boxing day sales and just go with the best deal. Or none of the above. Or a great deal from anywhere. It’ll be a surprise to all of us.


Still just can’t decide if this is too much or just enough. Answer me sale gods.


Also in the “can’t wait another second for it” category is…

  • A Kent and Masters MW gullet

My new jump saddle has arrived and I-need-to-get-in-that-thing-right-now but the gullet is WAY too small at medium narrow. I just found out my local saddlery has the one I need for $10 less than RRP, so I may pop off this afternoon and snag it even though I am #fullbroke before Christmas.




I am gonna sit on you.


Moving in to “things I really want but only kinda need” territory I have:

  • A new breastplate

My existing one is an XF, and it just fits B awkwardly. Plus the green and gold elastic. I have been talking about this upgrade 5ever so I won’t dwell on it much longer. I have a sneaking suspicion a new PSOS version may be under my Christmas tree right now – fingers crossed!



Please be mine

  • A new jump girth


So I kid you not, my long girth that I use on all past jumping saddles and will be using on this one is the first girth I ever bought.


I am talking 13+ years ago. It’s still kicking.

Hell, it’s done a great job for how old it is. But it’s time to start thinking of subbing it out and putting it in semi-retirement. The elastic is only one side which I don’t love, and it’s starting to wear down.



I love the Kentaur Paris but it’s $299.99 RRP may not be on the cards just yet, so could end up getting a “for now” from Royal


I’m considering getting a stud girth. Partially because I like the look of them (#fashun), and partially for the protective element. B doesn’t ride with studs in yet, but if I want to make that change I want to know I can. Also, it never hurts to stop this jackass from whacking himself with his flim-flamming legs.



“Get back here you loser” – definitely me to B during this photo


  • Breeches


I did a cull while B was out of all my stretched and hole riddled breeches and didn’t really replace them. I now have 3 pairs I use, and I am not dedicated enough to get them washed in time to ride again.

Nor am I clean enough to double up.



Vest goes on to hide the dirt


Considering that Australia is hotter than Satan’s balls right now (not kidding, we are literally on fire and have lost 800+ homes on the East Coast the last time I checked), I was thinking about dipping my toe into the “Riding Leggings” trend.

I’m not going to lie when I say I have not been for this trend at all. I can’t even tell you why, I think I just don’t like change. Or maybe because as soon as swarms of people tell me I “MUST LOVE” something (I’m looking at you Bare Equestrian Tights users, I know you love them you just need to calm down) I instinctively run away from it.



This just does not speak to me


Not to be cool or make a statement, I just don’t like being told I have to have X, Y, Z. I was a spiteful child.

At any rate, QJ riding wear have released a line of these tights and I have to admit they look nice. They’re probably much more suitable to our summer climate as well, and I am genuinely considering having a go at them. I have also seen the PSOS ones in person and they’re not bad either.



This speaks to me quite nicely


As do these. The price difference is very small which is also interesting.


  • Helmet


I have wanted the Back on Track EQ3 Lynx for a while now. I still do. I have almost pulled the trigger a number of times but one thing has stopped me.


It has one of those adjustable dials at the back, which aren’t my favorite but I will live with because I want a helmet with MIPS.





My head seems to be right in the bloody middle of the large and the medium. I tried the medium on and it was okay. The store did not have a large for me to compare to. I don’t know which way to go and I don’t want to drop the dollars until I am sure I am getting the right one.




I would love to know what everyone else is secretly hoping will appear on Christmas day from the magical Christmas Horsicorn.

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