You may have noticed (or not, that’s also cool) that I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks. Well, as much as I love blogging I didn’t really think it was something I could/wanted to maintain whilst I was away.

Midway through January, the long suffering OH and I headed over to Thailand for a holiday.



Obligatory departure photo


This was me strong arming my way into us taking an overseas holiday, because all I did was make him go to Thailand 2 weeks earlier than he planned so we could travel and do fun things before he ran off to do a surgical placement desexing stray dogs in Chiang Mai.

Pro tip: There are a lot of stray dogs in Chiang Mai, so it’s a perfect place to do a vet placement and up your surgical skills.

We went to a few different places throughout Thailand in our travels:

  • Ko Samui
  • Ko Tao
  • Chiang Mai



Blue Lagoon / Emerald Lake at Ang Thong


Koh Samui… wasn’t really our thing. It’s more of a “resort” island than anything else. So if you want to go holiday somewhere and stay in your resort the whole time then perhaps this is the place for you. It was not for us.

A key highlight though, was visiting the Ang Thong marine national park. A nice change considering all our national parks seem to have perished in the fires.



So blue


We went out by speedboat and spent the day visiting different islands, doing some hiking, some snorkeling and a bit of kayaking too. Our tour guide was absolute boss as well and we met some really cool people.

Sadly for us, a good bulk of our trip was spent in Ko Samui which started to make us a bit irritable, but hey that’s a first world problem for you.

Next up was Ko Tao, and holy bajeezus.



The sunset over Shark Bay


This was what we had been waiting for. The island was much smaller and less congested than Samui. All the beaches were basically A+ snorkelling sights and the cost of food and equipment hire was way cheaper.

I could not recommend Ko Tao more if I tried, and I am desperate to go back there and get my PADI


Some Moorish Idol fish we stumbled across


We could have spent a lot longer here than we did, but we didn’t have enough time (damn you Samui) and soon had to head to Chiang Mai.

My mum very kindly bough the OH and I tickets to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary there, and it is a no-ride rescue for elephants that were used in the entertainment or logging industries.



I had zero chill when it came to playing with baby elephants


I am very actively against elephant riding (go figure), so the opportunity to feed them, mud bath and swim with them was my idea of heaven.


View album “Recent”.png

They quite enjoy a sugarcane snack



Just casually throwing mud at an elephant, what of it?


We had the chance to meet a few of the different family herds, as the sanctuary was quite extensive and they had a fairly large number of elephants on site. It was nice to see them being kept in family units, one that we visited had the grandma, her two babies and their two babies.



I became slightly obsessed with this big lady and her extra fuzzy head


Cam had to leave me and start placement after that, so I spent the next few days exploring Old City in Chiang Mai and loved every minute of it.




A few of the different temples throughout Old City.


While I was away, B went for a little stay with my friend and her trainer. They were kind enough to keep us in contact which soothed my helicopter parent soul.



What a boopable snoot.


Sadly, as soon as I returned home he decided it was time to go lame. That was basically a pick axe to the soul as I had intended to enter the local SJ day and was also planning our first event back at Kergunyah.

Oh well.

Guess not.

At least I got to pat an elephant.

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