So a quick recap for everyone out there.

Start of January: Fires/smoke/annihilation/bridlegate

Mid January: Thailand

End of January: Lame horse

Start of Feb: Abscess

Middle of Feb: Nail prick/another abscess

End of Feb: Actually rode my horse *quickdon’tjinxit*


2020 be like…


Well played, 2020. Well played.


I was also pretty busy with work, but guess what?

I finally handed in my thesis everybody!



Ooh, she thicc.


She ended up being about 20,000 words and 95 pages but SHE IS DONE. Oral presentation to come, pray for me.

B has spent his time off putting weight on, because that’s a never ending battle for us in the drought and he hasn’t been looking too bad.



Dusty and dirty and hadn’t been bathed in about a month but looking pretty good for him.


I decided to celebrate the weekend by checking if my horse was sound (yes), getting rid of the sugar crazies (epic) and trying to ride him (success).

After the first five minutes of dolphin flailing up the long side the work wasn’t too bad.



Cantering was pretty fun when the shenanigans subsided.


I’m getting super frustrated I haven’t been able to ride consistently enough to actually feel like *I* am improving. My posture is the worst it has EVER been and every photo makes me mad.

But oh well. Fingers crossed that changes now.

Despite the intial mayhem I actually really enjoyed the ride (especially watching my OHs face as he has never seen B in one of his moods, and was fairly sure I was completely nuts when I suggested they could exist).



I think for the first time in a while I am actually feeling truly motivated to ride and aim for things. I couldn’t tell you what has actually changed, but it feels like I have just woken back up into how I used to be.

I’ve started listening to the Eventing Podcast by Equiratings (yes, I am slow on the uptake here), but it makes me just love this sport all over again. It’s not designed to be a motivational podcast or anything (I’ve tried a few of those and felt meh about them) and yet everything rapidly heading south in yesterdays ride just… rolled off me like water off a ducks back.



Keen to build strength so he stops curling under.


At the very least, this podcast is hilarious and I have been given more than my fair share of weird looks in the supermarket from my spontaneous laughter outbursts.

Get around it.

I’m going to try and book a lesson this week (egads!) and try and have some fun with it.

My students all return as of next week for another year of learning and adventures with horses. So, despite a somewhat crappy horse start, I am feeling super upbeat and positive.

Weird, right?

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  1. Yay for being upbeat despite a not great start to the year! I’m glad to hear things are going well now and hope they continue in that direction.
    And congrats on the thesis. That is FABULOUS

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