So where did I last leave you?

Ah yes.


Enjoying riding. For the first time in a while.



Such a dweeb.


I’m glad to say that’s still going pretty well for me!

The big boy has been such a trooper, and I’ve been working hard to keep things fresh and interesting for us.

I try not to do the same thing two days in a row, so last week we did some flat work, and the day after I threw the jump saddle on and did some poles.



The dazzleboard gave someone the heeby jeebies the first few times we rode past it. But not as much as the absolute nothing in the back corner


Did I wish I was jumping? Yes.

Am I too lazy to be my own pole bitch? Also yes.



Yes, these poles should be evenly spaced, and yes, someone got a bit too excited and rolled one.


Hopefully I can pull someone over to pick up poles for me because B is still getting way too excited at the sight of poles, regardless of height, and I see careless rails in our future until homeboy calms the hell down.



My favorite exercise for canter adjustability – two poles set 6 strides apart. Once you get 6 strides three times, you then try and add in or take out. The better your adjustability the bigger range of strides you can fit between the two poles.

We managed to get 6 both ways 3 times and called it a day. He was not ready to compress apparently.



An exciting new addition the routine was the free jumping lane just installed at my agistment. They needed to prepare their horse for a breed show which does free jumping, and voila!



Having never done free jumping with any of my horses it was interesting to learn the process behind it. Certainly much more to it than just chucking your horse down a row of jumps, that’s for sure.

We kept it small for his first time.

He did not rate that decision.


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Scratches so good they got you squatting 😐

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He did rate the scratches though


We had a flat lesson on Sunday, for which he was an absolute STAR. We kept it short and sweet but he got wonderful feedback about how much more swing through the back he has at the moment and overall attitude.

It was really put to the test when a giant dust cloud hurtled straight for us in the first five minutes of warm up, and he DIDN’T kill me.



Imagine seeing this coming straight for you so quickly you can’t do anything about it. And then imagine being on a horse.


He was absolutely terrified by it but he didn’t kill me and that’s all I can really ask of him.

Settling down to produce the beautiful work that came after was an absolute bonus. I, of course, have no media of this.

I may be tentatively thinking of signing us up for our first comp back. My choices are a small dressage comp which is unfortunately placed in the middle of a race track and a single day, or a small unofficial HT over the weekend.

I can’t do both though, because they’re on the same day (if I even make it to either, given our track record).

Decisions, decisions…

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