So here’s the thing.

A while ago, I was playing with the idea of going for some riding tights over my standard breeches, because Australia was on fire and anything to help keep me from heat overloading was an option I was willing to look into.

There were a few brands I liked the look of, and some I definitely did not, but in the end I chose to go with the PSOS Mathilde Tights in both Deep Sapphire and Onyx which is just fancy talk for navy and black.



“Deep Sapphire”


I went for these ones for a few reasons:

  1. I trust the PSOS brand
  2. I like the quality of their other products I have
  3. They were on sale for Boxing Day


It’s taken me a while to get around to reviewing them because I actually wanted a fair go in them before passing too much judgement, so without further ado, let’s crack on.







The fit of these works really well for me. The high waist keeps everything in and there are no parts which I wish were tighter or looser. This is super rare with my wide hip:small waist ratio which usually leaves me with a gaping waist or restricted leg movement.


At no point has this fabric been see through, and it is sturdy enough to feel like not every single lump and bump is on display. This was my main concern with the tights premise in general and I am glad to see I was worried over nothing. They wash really well and with little fuss or extra care, therefore big thumbs up from me.


They are definitely comfortable, but they certainly aren’t the most comfortable riding wear I have ever owned. That title strongly belongs to my Aztec Diamond breeches, even if I ended up being super upset about the silicon peeling off the knees. Boo. They are definitely my first preference of leg coverings in this hot weather though, so they’re getting an absolute paddling right now.



It matches the Le Mieux navy pads so nicely



I know not everyone likes silicon but I do, provided it’s not in large ass-chafe inducing strips (the horror). This seems like a good blend and I feel super secure in the saddle. I think without them, the fabric would have me feeling pretty slippery up there.


I am super surprised by how much I like and use the thigh pocket. I like listening to podcasts or music whilst riding and I always used to keep my phone in my sports bra. Yes. You heard me. Because in all honesty breeches have never had good pockets. I am certainly not going to put it in the back pocket and sit on it and no front pocket has ever been big enough to accommodate a phone. These side pockets are big enough for a phone, I have one on each side so I can keep treats in the other and the added bonus of being far less worried of losing it to a sweaty boob. Winning!


The only thing that kind of annoys me about these breeches (and is easy enough to rectify) are the super large belt loops. My standard belt looks weany and ridiculous with all that space and yes it may be an aesthetic problem that only bothers me but now I feel like I have to go get a thicker belt and I don’t wanna, because I love my riding belt (Spooks belt from this post – I use it every day and it is still going strong).


So all up, how do these rank in our standard review categories?



These breeches are pretty good but definitely not out of this world “can’t believe it’s not butter” type stuff




To me, these breeches are an absolute winner in the aesthetics department. I love that they put effort into making them look like breeches (faux fly and pockets, etc.) even if they are tights. The small details really sell it for me with the PSOS down the left leg and the tiny mesh inserts in cool places. Big fan.




With an RRP of $129.95 AUD they are certainly not the cheapest option on the market but I do feel they are proving to be a solid choice so far. That being said, for what is usually considered a “premium” rider wear brand, they certainly aren’t that far off the mark in what other companies are asking for their tights, so perhaps I have been too harsh in my expectations here.

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