COVID-19 is a real kick in the teeth after what can only be described as an absolute clusterf*** of a year in Australia.

Obviously it’s affecting everyone, but we already needed to support our tourism industries due to the bushfires and now everything is about to go into lock down.



Keeping this in mind, I am aware that the following grumble is the definition of a first world problem, and one that I am lucky to have, but I can’t help but laugh and share the irony.


My first year with B was so much fun – we did a bunch of clinics and even a competition with the plan for many more in the new comp season when it started up.

I wasn’t stressed about it because he was four, and we had time.



So handsome and so well behaved!


Then of course there was the injury and what ended up being the world’s lengthiest rehab process.

Even once he came back in it took us months to finally get back to a good place where I could even entertain the idea of taking him somewhere off property. He was just so firey that throwing in more on top of that was… unappealing.

As you know, this has shifted dramatically lately and we are having the world’s best time riding again.


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Things I enjoy immensely: this horse and navy blue 🙊

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I had no plans of announcing this on the blog, or even in person to anyone until after the event, but the other day I entered B in his first competition since May 2018.



I can prove it


I’d mulled it over for a while and eventually decided to say “screw it”. I figured at the very least it was an outing to a nice, small, quiet dressage venue and if we even mounted up it would be a wonderful step forward for us both.

There was also only 3 people in my class so it would have been fun to win our very first ribbon together even if it all went to hell. Silver linings.



Bumper said it already went to hell when I was progressively tackling his mane in prep for plaiting. This horse has way too much mane, it was a week long event.


I didn’t mention the entry to friends, the blog, the universe because I was highly superstitious and figured if I said it aloud my horse would decide to spontaneously hurt himself.

What I didn’t realise was that by circumnavigating my bad horse luck I apparently spited the gods and the COVID-19 outbreak shut down everything.

My bad guys.

Apparently I do have really bad luck?




Hope everyone out there is doing okay!

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  1. Ugh, that sucks. I’m sorry! If it makes you feel better Vegas is basically shutting down all casinos. Which like….we’re a tourist city so…..yeah lol. That’s gone over well here (heavy sarcasm in that haha). Although I do agree with Emily – never dare to make plans haha!

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