Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all hanging in there during this current global crisis.

I would love to know how life has changed for everyone whilst this is going on.


Can you still ride?

Can you still see your horse at all?

What about lessons/training? Anything going on there?


Bump and I are still hanging in there.

And things are continuing to go really well!



This is my new favorite photo. You’ve been warned.


Despite the COVID19 craziness, things have been pretty much business as usual for us and somewhat busy.

B needed his feet done last week, and they got done but the process was kind of different to try and minimise contact. So I had to take him into the vet clinic, put him in a holding box, remove all rugs and tack and couldn’t pick him up again until they were all done.

The clinic doors were all locked so I had to talk to people through slidey windows. It was such a weird feeling.



Throwback to those non-iso days


Nevertheless, he was a splendid boy and his toots were looking super. We also rounded off the week with the chiro coming out to look him over.

She’s happy with the muscle that’s being put down, so apparently I am doing something right!

I am still trying to keep the workload super varied and not repeating any days, i.e. if I did dressage on Tuesday, I will do jumps or poles the next day. This seems to be paying off because his attitude to work has been fantastic and he is trying super hard and always coming up to be caught for work.

Good sign, I hope?



We’re currently in stage 3 lockdown, so no “non-essential travel” or risk a fine of $11,000AUD and potentially 6 months in prison.


That being said, care and riding of horses is considered “essential” so nothing changes much there for me, and I can still have lessons provided they come to my property and I don’t float out to them.

No issues there.




The property owners have been incredible (as per usual) and B and I now have a designated tie up bay and our very own hose so there shouldn’t be any cross contamination.

I don’t think I could ask for more honestly.

This all has me feeling very, very, very lucky because I know that things haven’t been so easy for a lot of other people and I would hate to think what my mental state would be like if I couldn’t get out of the house for a ride/visit each day.

Hope everyone else is alright!


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  1. My province, Ontario , declared a State of emergency about two weeks ago and that closed all riding establishments to anyone other than staff. I decided to leave my horse in Florida as I did not want to get back up here and not be able to settle him in and make sure he was drinking and walk him if the weather meant they were only getting limited turn out. Also as my coach here Belinda Trussell was also in Florida there would be no one to ride him as both of us had to do a 14 day Self Isolation. I am hoping to get him up here in the next two weeks and Belinda and her assistant Lynsey will be able to ride him and keep him happy. The barns are all still completely closed down. Strange times! Stay well Eventer!

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  2. I keep my horses at home in the Midwestern part of the USA. Not too much has changed for me yet in the horse care department. We do have a stay at home order in my State so no non-essential travel/activities allowed. No trailering anywhere or lessons for me. We will see how things change as COVID 19 continues to spread. On a different note, I can see why the top photo is your new favorite one-very nice!

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  3. Horse wise not much is different. Eeyore is at home so if anything I’m riding more with a bit of extra time on my hands.

    Every single other aspect of my life has been completely turned upside down though. My stress levels are through the roof and I really need to figure out a way to cope better or I may go insane.

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    1. I bet!

      It may sound super fru fru and it’s totally not for everyone but I have had really good success managing my anxiety with meditation done through the Headspace app.

      The anxiety existed long before COVID19 but it’s become a lot worse since this has all kicked off.

      I was super skeptical when I started but now I am a full blow, membership having devotee. May be worth trialing if you need a hand?


  4. Kentucky is all over the place with what they are recommending. Originally, they were doing to shut everything down and only let essential workers to the barn (no owners, no riding, etc). Now, they opened it up to boarders still coming out and riding, but with a lot of provisions in place. Let’s just say, I basically walk around the barn with a sanitizing wipe in my hand.

    I am still taking lessons and such, but we toned everything down to reduce risks. Jumps are a bit undersized. No XC schooling. etc etc. Definitely not a time to make a hospital trip.

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  5. Another one here in Canada! Almost all barns are closed to everyone except staff and essential vet/farrier care. This was on recommendation of our equestrian boards to stay in line with government recommendation. It’s hard not having seen my horse in two weeks, but I much rather get this all over with. It’s crummy as I have a 3 year old who was just starting to get going under tack nicely. Fingers crossed for better days!

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      1. The original was two weeks (which we are just coming to now), but we just had it extended until mid-April. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is again extended into May. And in my province, we will not be able to go back to the barn until our provincial state of emergency is lifted at the very least. It’s really crummy. Although it is keeping our numbers low(ish) here.

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  6. glad you are still able to ride. Tennesses is slow out the gate on the lockdowns (We do have a kind of stay at home order but no one is enforcing it.i can go see Remus but havent been this week. They are still doing lessons but I am not sure I am going to go ride. UGH it is a mess.

    Stay safe and you guys look AMAZING:)

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  7. Our province has stated that boarding facilities are an essential service, so, we are still open. Our BO isn’t planning on shutting us down at all.
    But we do have to sign up on a schedule and they are cleaning everything like crazy.

    Im limiting my riding, just in case something were to happen though.

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    1. That’s understandable. There’s been ally of people here saying you shouldn’t ride at all during lockdown but with a horse at the tail end of rehab I won’t be making that decision until it’s made for me.


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