Remember when I entered B for our first comp in over a year before COVID19 cancelled it?

Yeah. Me too.

On the plus side, the oranising committee quickly arranged for a virtual dressage competition to take place not long after. I quickly jumped on board.



My actual level of grace


A chance to compete without needing to

  1. plait up
  2. wash my horse
  3. clean my tack
  4. float to a location
  5. navigate the death ring warm up

Well, let’s just say I am all for it as a pseudo-return to competing.


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New bit, no worries ☀️

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It came at a good time too, because an uncharacteristically wet march has left the jumping arena a bit too soggy for any jumping.

We entered two tests, the Prep C (walk & trot only)…

Prep C.PNG


…as well as the Prelim 1B test…

Prelim 1B.PNG


…because these are what we entered for the comp that was cancelled. At home I don’t see much point in doing just the walk/trot test but there was only the one prelim test, so might as well make hay while the sun shines and enter both.

In real life I would definitely be doing a walk/trot test at a new venue.




The dressage cramming has begun


We have to get the test filmed and online by the end of this week. Of course, this is the time where I have just switched B over to a new bit, so… yeah…

We will see how it all shapes up.




Overall, he continues to go very sweetly for me. I absolutely cannot fault his attitude at the moment because he is such a hard worker.

What I can fault is myself.

I am fairly sure all of life’s evils could be remedied by me shortening my reins but here we are.




Has increased awareness fixed this problem?

Not yet.

Will I ever learn?

I hope so.





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      1. They sent out a jumping course to everyone using just 6 jumps. They included specs etc. And then it is judged more like an equitation ride than a jumper course. (Rails have to stay up, but they’re judging your pace, lines, distances etc)

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  1. What a great idea! The barns here are all closed due to CV19 so I’m not able to ride or I would have a virtual “schooling” show and get our coach to judge it with video commentary to go with the test. Good luck!

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