As previously mentioned, B and I had entered a virtual dressage competition – it was the replacement competition for the real one we missed.

Same hosts, same tests, same same, but different.

We had a lesson tune up on the Saturday and did the filming on Sunday (much to B’s relief, he could only take so much flatwork).


The boyfriend is getting very good at snapping the candids


As much as I am keen to get competing again, I have to say that doing it this way was really nice.

No plaiting, no white breeches, no incessant gear cleaning the night before, just a chilled out casual tack up in our standard (but slightly nicer/cleaner) gear and hit up our home ring.

While I await the results of the test, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to judge my own test and then compare the results with the official scores and see where my perception is at. Could this end up making me super sad? Probably, but let’s do it anyway.



Quick disclaimer: 100% not perfect and so much to work on (cough *centrelines and corners*), but it is our first go at a dressage test since B’s one and only eventing dressage test in 2018.







So overall, not the worst test in the world but not great. I’ll be interested to see how this ranks compared to the judge’s version.

God I can’t wait to look at the walk/trot test, that was a dumpster fire.


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  1. I have wanted to enter a virtual show for awhile now. Had plans to last Fall, but they did not come to fruition. Hard for me to find someone to film on the same day that the weather also cooperates. Good for you for getting out there and getting it done! Boyfriend gets at A+ in the photography department.

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    1. Yes I’m very lucky to have a boyfriend who is both horsey and happy to make sure he’s available to help when needed. The super camera work is half him, and half the tripod the property owners left us (they’d just filmed their tests too!) it does make everything nice and steady though.

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  2. I really like this idea of critiquing yourself before you get the judge score. I’d bet you are harder on yourself than they will be! It s a great exercise though in learning what the judge is looking for to improve scores.

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