So, if you hated the last video, don’t watch this one.

I thought entering him in the walk/trot test would be a nice little “toe in” for us both, but it ended up being a bloody awful test.



Me, reading through the Prep C


Granted, when you’re only doing walk/trot, they obviously have to give you “stuff” to do, but considering I am unlikely to come across the 15m half circles again or have to go straight into a serpentine after a trot loop I think they could have used less “stuff”.

Bumper did not like “the stuff”.

Bumper did not like that he didn’t have a moment of peace before I asked him to do more “stuff”.

So for this reason, the prelim test actually suited him a lot better, because it might have canter (which he loves anyway tbh) but the other moves are bare bones and basic. Circles, diagonals, you know, nothing special. When he is being a “good boi™”, I can just sit quietly and let him chill for a bit before the next move.

This test allowed no such peace for him, so he did not want to be the “good boi“.

Obviously, I could, I dunno, ride him better but look, this was the last day we could film and this is the best one we did, so this is what we got.







So, in summary…



On the plus side I have learnt quite a bit from this little exercise.

Like the fact I need to ride a straight centreline or I will always throw marks away there constantly.

Or you know, actually go into a corner with my horse.

Because I am throwing marks away for just not being where I am supposed to be.



I wonder if he will forgive me, for being cute the way I always forgive him for being cute. Probs not.


I’ll also remember to not change my horse’s bit in the run up to a competition and never ever forget the fly spray again.

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  1. I don’t think the “stuff” looked as bad as you may have felt it. I did enjoy your judges comments! Oddly enough I can tell you if I had to ride Biasini in that test he would be finding a lot of things to spook at or just improvise some of his own “stuff”. However with the work at the Inter 1 level he doesn’t have time to be busy with his own stuff. I know that sounds odd but that is what I have found.

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    1. Haha I find that’s usually the case. I find bumpers reaction to this test quite atypical compared to previous thoroughbreds I’ve had. They usually seem to be more like your Biasini and do better with having “more stuff” so they don’t get too distracted. I’ll have to work on B not getting too offended if I don’t have time to give him a chill break between requests


  2. Loved the “Nick the rapper” quote! 🙂 I will echo Anne’s comment and say that I agree the stuff didn’t look as bad as you may have felt it. My version of dumpster fire would have been “horse bucked through every transition” or maybe the classic “horse jumped right out of the arena”. 🙂

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